Dear Kings and Queens!

🧟 October’s here and you guys already know how much we love the spooky time of year! πŸ§Ÿβ€β™€οΈ
So what better way to celebrate the occasion than a big ol’ treat? Version 7.3.0 has just been released and is about to tackle some Hot Topics!

πŸ—ΊοΈ Conquest Improvements

RR2’s elaborate Conquest Event was released 3 years ago, with its very first event taking place on 9th of August 2018. The strategic, board game-inspired mode sure stirred up quite the ruckus upon its initial release and has come a long way since. 
With Alliance Wars and Ninja Events undergoing a thorough makeover this past year, it only seems fair for Conquest Events to receive the same treatment. So without further ado, let’s have a look at 7.3.0’s Conquest Improvements:

  • The duration of Conquest Events will be reduced by 1 day by popular demand. New End Date: Mondays, 15:00 UTC.
  • The length of Conquest Wars has been reduced to 16 hours.
  • We changed the functionality of Production Tiles: In order to remove the inconvenience of having to collect resources from Production Tiles every X hours manually, we have turned them into “Boost Tiles”. As long as these tiles are owned, they now boost the production rates of the corresponding Stronghold Buildings, for each player. Those Boosts can stack if the same Production Tile is owned multiple times.
  • Generals & Leaders now have the option to “Multi-Send” a group of players to their destination, instead of going through the tedious task of sending each of them one-by-one.
  • 2 all-new Production Tile types are being introduced: Pearl Mine and Magical Font. After an initial activation countdown has expired (activated by building a Tower in range), the tiles will grant all Alliance Members (who are taking part in the CQ) a certain amount of Pearls or Magic Potions respectively. Afterwards, the Tiles will be deleted from the Conquest Map. Should the Tile be lost while the countdown is still running, either because the Tower was destroyed or another Alliance took it, it resets.
  • The Battle Loadout of Conquest Battles now features Shortcuts to the Pal Menu and Token Inventory Menu.
  • It is now possible to create 15 (previously 5) “Tower Pings” (markers on the Map where a Tower should be built).
  • The layout and usability of the “Assigned Troops” Screen has been improved to now include the Online Indicator and Energy next to a Player’s name.
  • In the “Alliance Overview” Screen it is now possible to sort by Online/Offline, Troops, Energy, Skulls and Activity.
  • Resource Donations for Gems are now performed extra and do not take away the Player’s built up Resources.
  • In the “Assign Troops” Screen, the own Player‘s entry is now highlighted for better visibility.
  • The Grace Period between the end of the last possible Conquest War and the end of the Conquest Event itself has been increased to 5 Minutes (previously 20 Seconds) to give users more time to view the War’s results.
  • The “War Finished” celebration no longer interrupts a player’s movement or the giving of orders.
  • It is no longer possible to start a Tech Research that would end after the Conquest Events itself has ended.

Since the Conquest now runs a day shorter, many things had to undergo a rebalance to ensure everything still works smoothly. In addition to that, we also made some balancing adjustments that will make several things cheaper and reduce the overall time investment required to participate:

  • Matchmaking:
    • Matchmaking has been tweaked slightly to allow for better pairing between Alliances.
  • Conquest Wars:
    • As mentioned before, Wars are now 16h long, down from 24h.
    • The skulls required to achieve a Supreme Victory will now stop decreasing when there are 4h left in a War, down from 8h
    • The amount of base attacks per War is now 3, down from 5. This change was made to reduce the amount of activity required by each player
    • The “minimum skulls per hero” value used in Supreme Victories is now slightly lower, which results in slightly easier Supreme Victories. This change was made to offset the change from 5 attacks down to 3. (For those of you that work on the Supreme Victory Calculator: 2000, down from 2250)
    • The amount of Troops an attacker can lose is now 75%, down from 85%
    • The amount of Troops an attacker can lose when a Supreme Victory is achieved is now 40%, down from 50%
  • Energy Costs:
    • Energy costs for all actions have been reduced due to the shorter Conquest duration. This affects:
      • Movement over all terrain types
      • Attacking in Conquest Wars
      • Travel duration for Builders & Troops (this affects tower construction & moving troops to towers)
  • Tile Balance:
    • Forests now have an attack modifier of 0.8 and a defense modifier of 1.2, down from 0.7 / 1.3
  • Watch Towers:
    • Stone costs for building & upgrading were reduced to reflect the shorter Conquest
    • Construction times were reduced to reflect the shorter Conquest
  • Stronghold Player Building Prices:
    • The prices for upgrading to Levels 7 & 8 were reduced (IMPORTANT NOTE: this change will go live with the Force update later this week):
      • Level 7: from 1450 Gems to 1200 Gems
      • Level 8: from 2950 gems to 2000 Gems
  • Tech Trees:
    • Researching technologies will be cheaper and/or faster to reflect the shorter Conquest (TBD)
  • Survey:
    • Since the Conquest is undergoing so many changes, once the first Conquest with the new rules is over, we will run a survey to allow you to give us feedback about the new experience.

βš”οΈ New War Boost Trial Feature

It is now possible to test out War Boosts before you actually activate them for your Alliance. The following conditions apply:

  • Boosts can be tested once a War Season is over and the rewards have been determined
  • Only the Boosts that your Alliance could activate can be tested
  • Leaders and Generals can start and stop the test on a Boost’s card
  • Test Boosts run for 8 hours (subject to change)
  • Test Boosts are free (they cost no Alliance Gold)
  • The level of a Test Boost is determined by your Alliance’s War Season result and matches the level of the actual War Boost
  • Test Boosts only run in “Test Defense” and when attacking Alliance members or friends
  • You can test multiple Boosts at the same time
  • Each War Boost can only be tested once, per War Season

βš’οΈ New Runes

It’s been a while since a fresh set of Runes hit the scene and since nothing quite adds this type of spice to your beloved Unit, Spell or Obstacle, they’re back with a vengeance!

Toxic Cloud: Trioxin Terror

  • On Tiers 1 – 6, the Toxic Cloud Spell now has an added chance to infect enemies and turn them into Zombies.
  • On its unique Tier 6, the Toxic Cloud Spell summons a group of Zombies as its effect expires

Basilisk Tower: Hydra

  • On Tiers 1 – 6, the Basilisk Tower’s tail causes a Knockback on the enemies it hits.
  • On its unique Tier 6, the Basilisk Tower grows back a second Basilisk once it is killed. The second Basilisk has less HP and deals less Damage.

The attentive Revolters amongst you will already have guessed the theme of our next Season. And who knows, maybe that’s also where you’ll be able to get your hands on one of them.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t stop there:
A total of 4 more, entirely new Runes are part of this Version as well! 
Which ones, what they do and how to get them we won’t spoil just yet. The following weeks will answer all those questions, however. So stay tuned.

πŸŽƒ Spooktacular Hijinks

Yep, Halloween is almost here and we’re hype about it! This year, we decided to dive into one of its most important aspects and celebrate the art of disguise.

New Hero and Player Profile Customizations

Wanna completely reinvent your look and go all out for Halloween? We got your back. With Version 7.3.0 you’ll be able to customize your Hero in funky new ways:

  • New Hair Colors
  • New Skin Colors
  • New Eye Colors
  • New Face Paint Designs
  • New 2-Color Gradient Backgrounds for your Player Profile

We can’t wait to see your wicked new styles on the battlefield!

Fright Night Rumpus Everywhere

There is no escaping Halloween in Royal Revolt 2, and this year is no different:
On virtually every corner tricks and treats await you: Halloween themed Events all month, haunting Special Offers and the occasional, obligatory surprises as standard – let’s see who finds them first.

As an early teaser of a special Halloween Treat coming to RR2 at the end of the month, we are happy to announce that:
πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž The price of Daily Alliance Gems will be permanently reduced by 50% on October 28th! πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

New Cultist Skin

Last but not least, we’re excited to announce the arrival of the all-new Cultist Skin, inspired by the winning designs of our 2nd ever Skin Contest held in July. Congratulations again to our 2 winners!πŸ†
Not only will you be able to obtain the final Skin in our upcoming Season and rock the ‘fit in battle, we also wanted to give you a little insight in its development process. 
So here are some concepts as a lil treat for your viewing pleasure:

✨Polishing & Bugfixes

  • A new Promo Event “Friend Collector” was added to the roster: 
    • The Event is a combination of “Pal Collector” and “Guardian Collector” Events and will replace those in the future.
    • It will contain all conditions of those two Events.
    • The first of its kind will take place this week Thursday, 7th of October, 17:00 UTC (future Promo Events will again start on Wednesdays).
  • A new Info-Button allows players to bring up a Rune’s Details Pop Up, even after it has already been slotted in.
  • Layout and Usability of the Player Profile Customization Screen have been improved.
  • It is now possible to conveniently donate Hero Items to a Collection directly from their Detail View.
  • The “Needed for Collection”-Indicator has been added to Item Detail Pop Up in the Granny Shop and on the Season Map
  • When summoning the Advisor or the Demon Prince Guardian, the Hero does not freeze anymore and can now be controlled during the summoning animation.
  • The Meltdown Menu now shows a player’s current Gold at the top of the screen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Pal Skins to get mixed up visually.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Yeti Boss HP to be hardly visible in front of the Gate sometimes
  • Resistances
    • Fixed a bug with resistance perk caps (they work correctly now, at the displayed value, eg. 80% for most of the elemental resistances)
    • Fixed a display bug that showed the wrong combined resistance value in the resistance perk info popups in the Stats Overview Screen. Even if you find your values look different or even lower than before, this will make no difference in battle as to how things were in the version before.

And that concludes our Version 7.3.0 roundup. We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve been working on these last few months. 
NOTE: Version 7.3.0 is available for download now, depending on your platform it can take some time for it to show up in your App Store though.

Have fun and keep an eye out for more Halloween shenanigans coming your way all throughout the month,
Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team