What is the Mirror World?

The Mirror World is an entirely new Game Mode: Perform battles against PvE opponents, earn Mirrors and trade them in for Mirror Chests.

How can I access the Mirror World?

The Mirror World will first open its gates on April 7th, with the beginning of the next Monthly Season.

On the Season Map, aka “Frog Street”, certain Season Levels are marked with a Mirror:

Whenever you reach one of these, a Mirror World stage will unlock for you to play.

There are several stages per Season, each one getting more and more crazy and offering increasingly good rewards (see further below).

What is the Well of Wonders?

The Well of Wonders is found in the Castle Scene.

The building serves as an access point to the Mirror World – come here once you have unlocked a new stage in the Monthly Season!

How do I make progress?

Once you access the Well of Wonders, you’ll see the landing page.

The basic flow of the Mirror World is as follows:

  1. Enter Battle and gain Mirrors (= crowns)
  2. Keep battling until you have the required amount
  3. Trade the Mirrors in for Mirror Chests
  4. This Stage has now ended and you can continue in the next one

How do Mirror Battles work?

In Mirror Battles, your opponent is a mirror copy of an actually existing opponent – you even get to see their (mirrored) name if you look closely!

Your objective is to gain as many Mirrors as possible.

Mirrors work exactly like Crowns – if you complete a battle with 100%, you will get 3 Mirrors. You can do as many Mirror Battles as you like until you have the required amount.

What are Mirror Mods?

There’s more to mirror battles – each stage adds a new, crazy modifier that drastically alters gameplay. We plan on frequently introducing new mods with each upcoming season.

So, what’s in store for April? We don’t want to spoil anything for you just yet, rest assured it will get frantic… and might just look a bit different than what you’re used to 🍄

What Rewards can I gain?

Once you have won enough Mirrors, you can trade them in for one or more Mirror Chests and that Mirror stage ends.

Mirror Chests contain Pearls and a new reward type: Mirror Tokens!

What are Mirror Tokens?

Mirror Tokens work much like the regular Tokens you already know – but with a twist: they allow you to duplicate various objects. We will not spoil just yet what kind of Mirror Tokens exist, but here’s a particularly rare one:

With the Mirror Rune Token, you can duplicate any Rune you own, from your rune inventory, up to Rune Level 5. Depending on what you use this on, this is effectively a free “joker” on your quest to a Level 6 Rune!

See you in the Well

We hope you’ll enjoy the Mirror World and its spoils as much as we did building it for you – we have a lot of crazy modifiers in store for you in the next Seasons!