What is the Pal Farm?

The Pal Farm is a completely new building which allows you to upgrade your Pals even further.

Level up your Pals with the new Pal Prestige Level system, similar to Pearl upgrading, to strengthen 3 different perks per Pal and make them permanently stronger for battle.

After your pals have gained some Prestige levels, they will be strong enough to strengthen your whole pack, with the new Pal Boost system!

In addition, the building serves as a bakery of your Pals’ new favorite snack and new resource “Pal Cookies”.

How to unlock the Pal Farm

Unlocking the Pal Farm happens via Alliance Crafting. In the list of recipes the new Pal Farm Blueprint will be featured. Once the blueprint has been crafted, the player can establish the farm on the left side, outside the castle walls.

This blueprint can only be crafted if the Alliance has reached a specific level. Once crafted the blueprint stays unlocked even when leaving the Alliance. Every player has to craft their own blueprint to be able to establish the building.

After unlocking the blueprint it allows upgrading of the Pal Farm from Level 1 to 3. More levels will be added in future updates.

What are Pal Awaken Tickets?

Pal Awaken Tickets have to be crafted with the Alliance as well and can only be crafted when the corresponding Pal is in your possession. Each Pal you want to train in the Pal Farm requires an Awaken Ticket and a specific Pal Level. Once crafted they permanently attune your Pals to Prestige Training and don’t have to be recrafted. 

The Pal Awaken Tickets are active as soon as the Craft gets collected, they are not an item that has to be used. 

Note: not all Pal Awaken Tickets are available right in the beginning. Watch out for future updates for more to come! 

The Pal Farm Building

With the Pal Farm, a new resource is introduced: Pal Cookies

Pal Cookies are generated over time at the Pal Farm. Like other production buildings, the production here can also be boosted.

Pal Cookies are needed to increase the Prestige Level of your Pals, to activate Pal Boosts and to play the awesome new minigame “Pal Parkour”.

The Pal Farm features one Training Slot with the release of 9.0 and building level 1-3. More Training Slots are unlocked with higher building levels

What is Pal Training and Pal Prestige Levels

Once a Pal is attuned through the Pal Awaken ticket and has reached the necessary Pal level, it can be placed in one of the Training Slots to gain Prestige Levels through Pal Training.

Every Pal will have its own Prestige Level.

After the Pal is assigned to a Training Slot, you have three Pal-specific Perks to choose from.

Choose one Perk to increase it by one level or use the Bulk Training feature to upgrade it multiple Prestige levels. 

Your Pals need time to master the training sessions. The training duration and cost depend on the number of Prestige levels selected. 

There are two ways to shorten the training time. Offer the trainer a small bonus to magically skip the training time or play the minigame “Pal Parkour” to shorten the training time.

Pals that are currently being trained cannot be taken into battle. However, the training can be canceled, but be careful, the trainer will still keep the costs and they will not be refunded!

Pal Parkour

Play this minigame once per day to reduce the training time of your Pal. This is bound to the Training Slot, which means that the minigame can be played once a day per training slot.


Jump from pillar to pillar to reach the end goal. On your way small rewards can be collected. But be careful: pillars crumble after stepping on them and leaving again!

Decide for yourself which rewards are most important to you, not all of them can be collected every time.

Leaving the minigame before it was finished will not grant the training time reduction, rewards collected on the way can be kept.

How to unlock and activate Pal Boosts

Pal Boosts can be gained by upgrading the Prestige Level of specific Pals in a Tier of the Pal Boosts. Every Boost Tier features 2-3 Pals that need to be upgraded several times each to unlock the corresponding boost. The boosts however are not locked to only the featured Pals in a tier but are affecting ALL Pals

Once unlocked the boost will run for 7 days. When the initial runtime is over the boosts can get reactivated by donating the boost specific Pals and a small amount of the new Pal Cookie currency. 

Boost Tiers can be activated individually and be stacked to reach the full potential. The higher boost tiers can be reached by unlocking the former tiers.

Quickstart Guide

  • Gather your Alliance and start crafting the new blueprint for the new Pal Farm building
  • Collect it when done and build the Pal Farm
  • Level a Pal to the required level and craft an Awaken Pal Ticket for it with your Alliance 
  • Simply collect it when it’s done to activate it
  • Let the Pal Farm produce enough of the new resource “Pal Cookies” to be able to start a training session
  • Select a training slot in the Pal Farm and choose the Pal that meets the requirements
  • Select the perk that is going to be upgraded and the amount of upgrades and then start the training
  • Wait until the training time has finished; you can shorten it by playing the daily minigame “Pal Parkour” (Pals that are currently training can not be taken into battle)
  • Skip the training time with gems if you do not want to wait until the training finishes by itself
  • Collect the Pal after the training is finished