🕷️Wicked Warlocks and vicious VVitches🕷️

with today’s Live Server Update we are asking all our players to install our latest Version 7.3.0.
Furthermore, a few changes have been introduced. Kicking things off, is a sweet little treat to lift your Halloween spirits and get you in the right mood for the month:

🐾 Marty in Pal Chests

  • The latest addition to our adorable Pal roster, Marty, can from now on be found in Pal Chests.  To read all about his unique Skills, head over to the Guide we provided upon his release. Have fun and Good Luck!

📋 Balancing Changes

  • Reduced Stronghold Player Building Prices:
    • The prices for upgrading to Levels 7 & 8 were reduced
  • The new Toxic Cloud & Basilisk Tower Runes can now also be found
    • as Hidden Treasure
    • in Rune Chests
    • in the Blacksmith’s Rune Production

Stay tuned for more Halloween surprises coming to get you!
 Your Royally Revolting 2 – Team