Big hands, small eyes, and a whole lot of smarts…

meet Marty, the Inventor’s apprentice, currently assigned to catalog and excavate ancient technology (and the occasional chicken) from the Dungeon.

Marty’s abilities

  • Marty’s huge claws apply a bleeding effect on enemy units hit by his attacks, which causes damage over time
  • Marty’s Special Move is Dig Attack
    • He first digs to the nearest enemy unit, tower or obstacle, even if they are behind a path border, then bursts out of the ground, dealing damage and stunning everything in an area around him
    • He then grabs units around him (limited by a morale pool) and takes them with him back to where he left from
    • Finally, Marty digs out of the ground again and drops the still stunned enemies he brought with him, making it easy for the player to dispatch what is left of them with their spells and units
    • The ability should help taking care of ranged units that are otherwise hard to reach, particularly at chokepoints in defense, while also providing some extra damage and stun to towers and obstacles

Mighty Marty

The Beast version of Marty not only packs a punch that makes the earth tremble, but can also call forth his little friends to wreak havoc on the battlefield. 

Mighty Marty’s abilities

  • Each of Mighty Marty’s attacks cause Earthquakes, dealing blunt damage
  • Mighty Marty’s Special Move “Molecano” deals damage and calls forth Mini-Moles
    • He first digs into the ground, becoming invulnerable to damage and dealing damage over time in an area around him
    • As long as Mighty Marty is dug in, Mini-Moles emerge from the hole
    • Mini-Moles will aggressively attack the player and their units until either of them are defeated


For now, expect Marty to show up in exclusive offers very soon, or find with him with a small chance in the Endless Reward area of this month’s Season: Hoards of the Harvest. In the future, Marty will also be added to the Pal Chest pool.

We hope you’ll like our latest pal and can’t wait to try him out!

Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team