🕯️Wicked Warlocks and vicious VVitches🕯️

In February, we asked you guys to get creative and write us a funny Poem. 📜✍️
In July, we asked you guys to get creative and send us cool suggestions for a brand-new Cultist Skin. 🎨🖌️
Now it’s October, our latest Version 7.3.0 has just been released and what can we say?
We’re in the mood for another Contest!

This time, we’re inviting all of our players to send us screenshots of their Heroes, with their Pals, in their royal Homes (Throne Room/Player Profile)…all dressed up for Halloween! 👻🎃

Version 7.3.0 added a whole lot of spooky new Customization Options to the mix, allowing for crazier than ever looks.
So make use of everything the game has to offer when it comes to personalizing your King/Queen in their regal living room, like:

  • Hero Items
  • Customization Options (Hair, Eyes, Facepaints, Skin)
  • Player Profile Colors and Pattern
  • Pals and unique Pal Skins, etc.

and show us what makes you YOU – with a pinch of that Halloween Pumpkin Spice added on top.

The 5 most unique, spooky, thoughtful, wicked, spunky, crazy, fierce, creepy, impressive, ghastly, pretty, dark, clever, surprising entries have the chance of winning 💎2222 Gems💎 each!

So waste no time, fetch the box with Halloween decor and costumes from the attic and get voodoo-dolled up!
We’re looking forward to your terrific submissions on Facebook, the winners will be announced on October, 31st, All Hallow’s Eve, 19.00 UTC.

Your Royally Revolting 2 – Team