Hello Kings and Queens,

with today’s Live Server Update we’re addressing the following topics:

  • Performance improvements for players with large numbers of chests and items in their inventories
  • Slightly Adjusted Castle Building Boosts:
    • Tavern:
      • From 10hrs for 20 gems -> 12hrs for 24 gems (stays at 24hrs for 48 gems)
    • Blacksmith:
      • From 8hrs for 30 gems -> 12hrs for 45 gems (stays at 24hrs for 90 gems)

Additionally, today’s Conquest will  introduce the following:

Changes to Conquest & War Tier behaviour
Reduced the chance for Alliances that got demoted to be immediately pulled up a Tier again to fill an empty Conquest- or War map.
This was mostly a problem on the very highest Tiers and caused frustration for Alliances that just lost and got demoted, only to be pulled up again, facing another set of strong opponents. 

That’s all for today,

Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team