Alliance Crafting is a new Alliance feature that unlocks with Alliance Level 10. Players can request crafts for themselves, and the whole Alliance can donate to help them to make the craft more valuable.

What are Alliance Insignias?

Alliance Insignias are our first type of Alliance Craft, with more to come in the future.

They are an entirely new item type, coming with their own new item slot, and follow special rules:

  • The Perks of Alliance Insignias depend on the Insignia recipe. Some Perks are guaranteed to appear, while others are randomized.
  • Alliance Insignias gain their Perks when they reach Legendary and Uber rarity, while being crafted.
  • Important: The amount of Perks can only be increased while crafting, not afterwards.
  • Once an Insignia is finished, its Perks can be forged normally, but they cannot be changed.
  • Alliance Insignias are only active when you are part of the Alliance you crafted it with. If you are not in the Alliance, the Insignia is disabled until you rejoin.
  • You can own multiple Alliance Insignias of different Alliances.

There are currently three Alliance Insignia recipes:

Basic Insignia
  • Unlocks on Alliance Level 10
  • Main Perk: Health
  • Legendary Perk: various attack-based Perks, eg. Fire Damage
  • Uber Perk: various resistance-based Perks, eg. Blunt Resistance
Treasure Hunter Insignia
  • Unlocks on Alliance Level 20
  • Main Perk: Damage
  • Legendary Perk: Treasure Hunter
  • Uber Perk: a wide selection of Perks, including attack, resistance, mobility, utility and more
War Insignia
  • Unlocks on Alliance Level 25
  • Main Perk: Leadership
  • Legendary Perk: Skull Boost
  • Uber Perk: a wide selection of Perks, including attack, resistance, mobility, utility, on-hit effects, spellpower and more

What is Rune Dust?

Rune Dust is a new resource that is required for Alliance Crafting. Rune Dust belongs to your Alliance, much like Alliance Gold.

Rune Dust is created by donating your excess Runes. This can be done from the Alliance Treasury, or from the Alliance Crafting Menu.

Much like for Alliance Gold, the amount of Rune Dust you can donate to your Alliance scales with the level of your Alliance Tower.

How can I Craft?

Requesting a Craft
  • Each Alliance member can request a craft from the list of unlocked recipes.
  • You can only have one request and craft active at a time.
  • Generals and Leaders have the right to approve or decline requests.
  • The amount of crafting slots are tied to the Alliance Level.
The Crafting process
  • Crafting takes several days.
  • During that time, Alliance members can help with your craft by donating resources.
  • There are always 2 different resources required for crafting. The type of resource depends on the recipe.
  • Donations over time increase the rarity of the item, unlocking new Perks at Legendary and Uber rarity.
  • Once time has run out, you can collect your item.
  • While you have a while to collect your item, make sure to pick it up before it expires.