The War Seasons as you know them have undergone many changes. Our goal with the rework was to address obvious problems, streamline the experience, and to make rewards more exciting, particularly the War Boosts.

The introduction of War Tiers should give Alliances a better sense of progression and a clearer goal of what they can achieve, whereas the massively increased variety of available War Boosts will keep things interesting in the long run.

Based on the first War Seasons under the new rules and player feedback, we expect to further tweak the system in the near future, so keep an eye out for surveys and make sure to let us know what you think about the changes!

War Tiers, War Score & Matchmaking

War Tiers

War Tiers work much like the tiers in Conquest. The top 20% Alliances, those with the highest War Score, rise to the next tier. The bottom 20%, those with the lowest, are moved down. All Rewards gradually become better the higher your Alliance rises through the tiers. Additionally, all features formerly tied to Fiefdoms are now tied to the War Tier an Alliance is in (see below).

War Score

War Score is a new type of score that determines how an Alliance places within their War Tier.

At the end of a War Season, the Alliance’s final Rank & the final amount of Fiefdoms are used to calculate the War Score.

Alliances always start each Alliance War with 0 War Score. The final War Score determined at the end of a War Season is used to decide which Alliances move up & down in tiers.

If a draw in War Score occurs between several Alliances that would rise or fall in their War Tier, the total amount of Skulls each Alliance won on their War Map is used as a tiebreaker.

Calculating War Score

Calculating War Score is straightforward. The final amount of Fiefdoms of an Alliance is multiplied with a value depending on the final Rank of the Alliance (numbers subject to change):

War Season RankFiefdom Multiplier
Rank 130
Rank 225
Rank 320
Rank 415
Rank 55
Rank 61


  • Alliance A finishes the War Season with Rank 1 and 5 fiefdoms. Alliance A gets a War Score of 150 (5 Fiefdoms * 30)
  • Alliance B finishes with rank 3 and 3 fiefdoms. Alliance B gets 60 War Score (3 Fiefdoms * 20).


Matchmaking works much like in Conquest. Alliances are only matched in the same War Tier, and of equal strength.

An exception occurs when there aren’t enough Alliances to fill up each War Map – in this case, those Alliances from the War Tier below that Matchmaking determines to be the strongest are moved up to fill the map (and will also be able to benefit from the rewards of the higher Tier). This will never affect more than 5 Alliances, at most.

Changes to War Mechanics

Switching Alliances during a War Season

Players switching Alliances or joining an Alliance during a War Season will not be able to earn Skulls during that War Season anymore at all. They can participate again in the next War Season. This change was made to encourage players to stick with their Alliance and to disencourage exploitative behavior.

As with the other changes, please let us know what you think of this change once you have experienced Alliances Wars with the new mechanics.

Extra Attacks for Champions

Champions now get +3 extra attacks, down from +10. The skull bonus champions receive stays the same. This change was made to reduce the excessive amount of attacks players have to make over the course of a War Season.

Loser Bonus

The way the Loser Bonus works has been changed. Instead of a shared pool that increases with each lost war, now the Loser Bonus is a flat value that is added for an Alliance whenever they lose a war. The size of the Loser Bonus is based on the War Tier the Alliance is in.

War TierLoser Bonus

Example: An Alliance is in War Tier 3, which has 0.4% Loser Bonus (subject to change). Whenever this Alliance loses a War, +0.4% is added to their base 2% Skull Bonus. If an Alliance lost 2 times, their Skull Bonus will therefore be 2.8%.

Changes to Fiefdoms

Accumulated Fiefdoms have been removed for all Alliances. Fiefdoms are now only used on the War Map, to determine each Alliance’s rank and how much War Score is awarded in the end.The following features formerly tied to Fiefdoms now depend on the War Tier an Alliance is in:

  • Tax Bonus
  • War Boost Levels
  • Unlocking new Alliance Sigils

Changes to Reward Chests

Personal Rewards

The Personal Rewards that players unlock by earning skulls are now tied to the Alliance’s Matchmaking Tier and get better on higher Tiers. Please note that the Personal Rewards that you can currently see in the preview of the next War Season will be revised once more before the War Season begins.

New Reward Chests

Finishing a War Season on a high Rank will now grant additional Chests containing Pearls for all Alliance members. The amount of chests scales up with the War Tier.

Changes to War Boosts

Your old War Reward Boosts

Before the new War Season has ended, all War Reward Boosts that are still running for your Alliance can be found at the same location as before: in your Alliance Menu, behind the corresponding card. Once these Boosts have expired (right before the new War Season has ended), they will disappear (to be reborn in their newly balanced form in the Granny Shop).

New War Boosts: relocated to Granny

Granny has expanded her shop and now also handles the new & reworked War Boosts. You can find them in a new tab next to the hero items.

Old Special Boosts & War Reward Boosts

  • Special Boosts are not activated before a War Season anymore.
  • Instead, they are now part of the new War Boost pool.
  • Additionally, most Special Boosts have been given more levels and have been rebalanced.
  • Former War Reward Boosts have been rebalanced to even out their power level.

The new War Boost Pool

  • All former Special- and War Reward Boosts are now simply called “War Boosts”.
  • The pool of available War Boosts rotates with each Season and will include a larger variety of Boosts than before, including former Special Boosts.
  • You can preview the War Boosts for the upcoming War Seasons in the War Tier Screen.
  • Pools will consist of roughly 6-12 hand-picked boosts that you can choose from.
  • The type and level of War Boosts in a pool is determined by an Alliance’s War Tier.
  • Higher Tiers have access to higher-level Boosts and greater Boost variety.

Extra Boost Levels & Activations

  • Getting first place on your Alliance’s War Map upgrades all War Boosts you can activate by +1 Level, starting with War Tier 3 – Swift Sellswords.
    • Boosts that only have 1 level, eg. the Insta-Archer, do not gain this extra level.
  • Starting with War Tier 7 – Chivalrous Champions, getting first place also allows your Alliance to activate one additional War  Boost at the same time.

Activating War Boosts

  • War Boosts are now activated with a new currency that is shared by your Alliance: Royal Brew (see below). 
  • War Boosts can be activated as soon as a War Season is over until the next War Season ends when new Boosts become available for purchase.
  • It is possible to wait with activating the War Boosts – there is no need to immediately activate them, but keep in mind that they can never be carried over to after the next War Season.
  • Only a certain amount of War Boosts can be activated at the same time. This limit increases over the War Tiers.
  • If a War Boost expires, it cannot be reactivated until it appears again in a pool.

Prolonging War Boosts

  • Only the initial War Boost activation costs Royal Brew – prolonging War Boosts still costs Alliance Gold.
  • War Boosts can be prolonged until the end of the next War Season, when a new pool of War Boosts becomes available for purchase.

Royal Brew

A new type of currency is won at the end of Wars, called Royal Brew. This currency can be spent to activate War Boosts. Higher War Tiers & better placements yield more Royal Brew. Royal Brew can only be won as a reward in War Seasons, there is no other source of gaining it.

Finishing a War Season in first place will yield enough Brew to immediately activate several Boosts at once. Alliances are also able to save up Brew over time, and then either spend it all at once on several Boosts, or one-by-one, as they please. However, there is a cap on how much Royal Brew an Alliance can store. The cap is determined by the Alliance Level. The cap is intentionally held low to encourage Alliances to spend their Brew on Boosts, and not hoard it for too long. 

Example of War Boost Activation & Prolonging

  1. An Alliance has saved up 100 Royal Brew.
  2. They then reach first place in a War Season in Tier 7, winning an additional 300 Royal Brew.
  3. Tier 7 allows 3 War Boosts to be active at the same time. Right after the War Season, the Alliance chooses to activate two boosts from the pool, which each cost 100 Royal Brew, The Gargoyle Nest and the Portal Ogre.
  4. They decide to prolong the Gargoyle Nest to the maximum by using Alliance Gold, until the next War Season ends. They only prolong the Portal Ogre for a few days and it eventually expires.
  5. Now, after these few days, the Alliance only has one active War Boost (the Gargoyle Nest).
  6. There still is plenty of time until the next War Season starts (and ends), so the Alliance is allowed to activate 2 War Boosts again (since the limit is 3 concurrent War Boosts for Tier 7).
  7. The Alliance now activates two more War Boosts with their remaining 200 Royal Brew: The Insta-Archer and the Nimble Mummy, and prolong them until the next War Season ends.
  8. The Alliance now has 3 active War Boosts: The Gargoyle Nest, the Insta-Archer and the Nimble Mummy.

You can check the details available for all New War Season Boosts here

Please keep in mind that the values you see here will be revised depending on player feedback and Boost performance from War Season to War Season.