Which Defense Buildings can you use to strengthen my Castle?

You can use Towers

  • Arrow Tower
  • Bomb Tower
  • Frost Tower
  • Gargoyle Tower
  • Firebolt Tower
  • Snake Tower
  • Skull Tower
  • Lightning Tower

or Traps and Obstacles

  • Barricade
  • Spikes
  • Blockade

You are missing a tower? Where did it go?

You most likely simply placed it in your inventory without noticing! To check your inventory, click on an empty space along your defense path and select the type of tower that you are missing. You can then choose between constructing an entirely new tower and selecting the ones that you have in storage. A small number will indicate to you how many towers of a certain type you have stored.
To place a tower in your inventory on purpose, simply select it and click on the storage box icon on the lower side of the screen.

How can you edit your path or increase its length?

In order to increase the length of your path, you first need to upgrade your castle gate. To edit your path after upgrading the gate, make sure you follow the advice below:

  • Check if you have enough free path length available for the changes you wish to make.
  • New paths must start and end on an existing piece of path and can lead across grass, trees, and stones, but not across ruins  (You can remove ancient ruins by investing Gems). 
  • Tap and hold on an existing piece of road, then move your finger along the new path you wish to create.

Why does a player earn Trophies or Medals even if he/she has not been able to defeat your base?

Depending on the relation between your defensive strength and the offensive strength of your opponent, your attacker may be able to earn currency by simply progressing in your base and only destroying a part of it.

You can get a free Gold Shield – How?

If somebody raided your Treasure Chamber while you were away, you will be offered a free three-hour Gold Shield the next time you log in. Please note that you will only get this free shield once every 24 hours. You will have to collect the shield from your Treasure Chamber manually.