Version 1.0


Conquests feature a completely new game mode. Every few weeks there will be one Conquest lasting over a period of 6 days.

What is a Conquest?

Four Alliances are matched against one another in each corner of a map that is covered by fog of war. Players have to venture out with their Heroes, scout the area, thereby unveil the map and claim Alliance Territory by building and upgrading Watchtowers.

Who is eligible to take part in Conquest Events?

The Conquest Event is unlocked for Alliances with at least 15 active members. There is no player or Throne Room level restriction. 15 are required to participate. Falling under 15 during the conquest will still allow Alliances to continue playing in that Conquest.

What is the goal?

The goal of a Conquest is to explore, conquer and defend undiscovered territory together with your Alliance.

Strong leadership, tactical finesse, the solidarity of your Alliance and a lot of communication will be necessary to fend off your competitors and gain control of these unknown lands.

How do we fight other Alliances?

Wars can be initiated to destroy hostile Watchtowers and to fight Heroes from other Alliances on the Conquest map. These Wars are similar to those in War Seasons, but also have some new characteristics.

What are the Rewards?

There are four new very unique Conquest Boosts up for grabs as well as reward Chests and Alliance Gold.

At the end of a Conquest, the top and bottom 20% of Alliances within a Conquest tier move up or down to the next tier, respectively. Conquest Boosts, like War Boosts, can be prolonged until the end of the next Conquest Event.

Additionally, reward Chests can be unlocked by reaching increasing levels of Conquest Score. Reward Chests are earned for everyone in your Alliance.

The current standings and any progress towards earning reward Chests and War Boosts can be seen in the Standings screen during the Conquest.

Conquest Score and Matchmaking

How can I win a Conquest with my Alliance?

By obtaining more Conquest Score than other Alliances on the map. Conquest Score is acquired by claiming Alliance Territory (map tiles) on the Conquest Map.

In essence, a Conquest victory can be achieved by:

  • Claiming Alliance Territory by building and upgrading Watchtowers
  • Fighting Wars to defend own and destroy hostile Watchtowers
  • Fighting Wars to prevent hostile Alliances movement
  • Coordinating the movement of Alliance members and placement of Watchtowers to secure tactical advantages
    Your Alliance’s Conquest Score at the end of the Conquest determines the overall rank of your Alliance and the others matched with you.

How are Alliances matched against each other?

There are different tier levels with increasing rewards for Alliances in higher tiers. When a Conquest starts, your Alliance is placed in a tier based on the average Conquest Score of your last 3 Conquest Events. The average of the last 3 is not used anymore. We have updated our matchmaking in Conquest.

Alliance Stronghold

What is the Alliance Stronghold?

The Alliance Stronghold is a shared place for all members of an Alliance and home to Alliance Stronghold buildings.

If your Alliance has a minimum of 15 members it can participate in a Conquest Event. Every member of an Alliance can access the Alliance Stronghold at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running. It is a safe haven for each Alliance member to gather, contribute resources, and plan strategies.

What do Alliance Stronghold buildings do?

Alliance Stronghold buildings generate and store the resources you will need during the Conquest. They can be upgraded by the Alliance Leader and Generals with Alliance Gold.

Alliance Stronghold buildings and their upgrades are permanent for the whole Alliance. They do not reset from one Conquest to another.

How many buildings are there and what is their purpose?

There are five Alliance Stronghold buildings in the Stronghold center:

  • The Alliance Headquarters – research Technologies and increase max Troops per Hero
  • The Builders’ Quarters – houses Alliance Builders needed to build Watchtowers
  • The Troop Quarters – houses the Troops your Leaders and Generals can assign to Heroes and Watchtowers
  • The Stone Depot – stores your Alliance’s Stone
  • The University – collects your Alliance’s Wisdom

In addition to the Alliance Stronghold buildings in the center of the Stronghold, each player has their own quarter with personal buildings that can be built and upgraded. 

  • The Training Camp generates Troops over time which can be assigned to Watchtowers and Heroes
  • The Alchemist’s Laboratory generates Wisdom over time used for research
  • The Quarry generates Stone over time which is necessary to build and upgrade Watchtowers

In order to make use of these resources, they need to be sent to the respective Alliance Stronghold storage first.

Whenever resources are used in a Conquest, they are taken from the respective Alliance storage and not from players’ buildings.

What are these Districts in the Stronghold?

All Alliance members have their own place in the Alliance Stronghold.

There are eight Districts in the Alliance Stronghold. Each District can house up to eight Alliance members.

Here you see all other Alliance members, their personal Alliance Stronghold buildings and levels. We now also have an overview screen that shows each alliance member’s contribution.

What happens to Alliance Stronghold buildings when no Conquest is running?

You can access and upgrade your Alliance Stronghold buildings at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running or not.

What happens to your personal Stronghold buildings when no Conquest is running?

You can access and upgrade your personal Stronghold buildings at any time regardless of whether a Conquest is currently running or not. Upgrades started during a Conquest keep running until they finish. Your buildings do not produce any resources while upgrading. It may be wise to upgrade them in-between Conquest Events.

What happens to my buildings when I leave my Alliance?

You will keep your personal Stronghold buildings and upgrades. They can be accessed again after joining your new Alliance.

The Alliance Stronghold buildings and their levels are directly tied to the Alliance.

What happens if my Alliance drops below fifteen members?

Alliance Stronghold buildings are permanent even if your Alliance drops members and is currently not eligible to part in the Conquest. Those buildings are only lost when the last member leaves and the Alliance is deleted.

If an Alliance drops below fifteen members during a running Conquest Event, they will not be eliminated from it. Only when the last member has abandoned the Alliance it will be eliminated from the Conquest.

What happens when I join a new Alliance?

You will have access to their Alliance Stronghold buildings as well as your own personal Stronghold buildings.

You will be able to send resources to the Alliance Stronghold storages and can fight in Conquest Events that have not started yet.

If you join while a Conquest Event is already running, you will not be able to access the Conquest Map and therefore not be allowed to fight for your Alliance.

You can however send your produced resources to the Alliance storage.


What kind of resources are there?

There are four resources. A quick overview:

  • Builders – required to build and upgrade Watchtowers on the Conquest Map
  • Stone – required to build and upgrade Watchtowers on the Conquest Map
  • Wisdom – necessary to research Technologies
  • Troops – can be assigned to Heroes and Watchtowers to help win wars

When can resources be sent to the Alliance Stronghold buildings?

As soon as the storage of one of your personal production buildings is full you can send it to the corresponding Alliance storage.

It currently takes two days to completely fill up one of your personal production buildings. Take a Level 1 Quarry for example:

It generates two Stone per hour and has a total Storage capacity of 96. That means it will take two days to completely fill up once.

All three different resource production buildings generate simultaneously.

In times of great need, you can also choose to immediately fill your storage and send it.


Where can I research Technologies and how does it work?

A Research Tree is available in the Alliance Headquarters.

Each new Conquest will start with a new undeveloped Research Tree which can be researched throughout the Conquest. Technologies costs both Alliance Gold and Wisdom to begin the research progress.

Once a Technology has been researched, your entire Alliance benefits from its bonus and research for the next Technology can be started.

Does my Alliance keep unlocked Technologies for the next conquest Event?

No. Every Conquest Event has its own Technology tree. It is reset with the start of a new Conquest. Choose your path wisely.

Conquest Map

All Heroes start in their Alliance Strongholds each located at one corner of the Conquest Map.

How do Heroes move on the Conquest map?

Moving your Hero requires a new type of resource: Energy.

Each Hero has a pool of Energy. Energy automatically regenerates over time.

How are Energy costs calculated and how does movement work?

Hero movement on the Conquest Map is instant, you will immediately arrive at your destination. You can cover a distance of up to three map tiles with each movement.

However, after each move you will have to wait for a cooldown to finish before you can move again.

The further you move and the more difficult the Terrain, the more Energy you will use up, and the longer the cooldown will be.


Moving through a Swamp costs more energy than moving over Grass tiles. The cooldown after moving will be higher. Each type of Terrain has a different Energy cost which can be seen while selecting the tile you want to move to.

Why can I not select my own path when moving?

When you select a tile to move to, the path with the lowest Energy cost is automatically chosen for you.

Are there any advantages while moving in Alliance Territory?

Yes. Moving over your own Alliance Territory costs less Energy than moving over Unclaimed Territory. Moving over Enemy Alliance Territory costs more Energy than in Unclaimed Territory.

Can I block other players on the map with my Hero?

Your Hero does not block other members of your Alliance from moving to a tile. If other Alliances try to move onto your Hero, a War will be initiated. Non-participating Alliances cannot move into a tile with an ongoing War.


Alliance Leaders and Generals can build Watchtowers at any location where a Hero of their Alliance is placed to claim Alliance Territory and Special Tiles within the Territory.

Where can I build these Watchtowers?

On all unclaimed tiles, except on Special Tiles, mountains, water and rocky underground. Remember that the Watchtower will be constructed exactly where the Hero is.

What does it cost to build a Watchtower?

Building and upgrading Watchtowers costs Stone and Alliance Gold, as well as requiring an available Builder.

The time for building or upgrading the Watchtower is dependent on how far the Builder needs to travel and the level of the Watchtower.

How many Watchtowers can we build as an Alliance during a Conquest?

As many as you want. The only limiting factors are building time, the number of Builders and your resources.

How do upgrades work and why would I spend resources to upgrade a Watchtower?

Upgrades can be started by Alliance Leaders and Generals, regardless of whether a Hero is present on the Watchtower.

Upgrading the Watchtower will improve:

  • The Territory size – increases your Alliance Territory
  • Vision range – helps planning the next move
  • Max Troops – increases the number of Troops that can be assigned to the Watchtower
  • Defense modifier – increases the Watchtower’s defense

Watchtower upgrades cannot be started while the Watchtower is under attack.

If a Watchtower is attacked while an upgrade is in progress, the upgrade progress will pause and only resume after the War is finished.

When a Watchtower is built, an Alliance member must be selected as the Tower Guard to defend it. This is done when confirming the construction of the Watchtower and cannot be changed afterward.

What is a Tower Guard?

The Tower Guard’s defense is used when other Alliances attack the Watchtower.

If a Watchtower is under attack, the Tower Guard’s Hero does not need to be positioned on the Watchtower to take part in that War. They can fend off attackers in that War from anywhere on the map and even take part in a second War.

Additionally, other Heroes that are currently on the Watchtower can help defending it. Their defenses will be used when they are attacked in that War.

Alliance Territory

Alliance Territory is made up of all claimed tiles around Watchtowers and is highlighted in your Alliance’s color.

Enemy Alliances cannot build their Watchtowers on your Territory.

Can Alliance Territory be lost again?

Yes. If a Watchtower is attacked and destroyed by an opposing Alliance all Alliance Territory claimed by that Watchtower will be lost.

What happens when Watchtowers of opposing Alliances are built close to one another?

If opposing Watchtowers have overlapping Territory, the Watchtower with the highest level claims the tiles. If Watchtowers have the same level, the one which reached that level first claims the tiles.

Special Tiles

What are Special Tiles?

There are three different types of Special Tiles on the Conquest Map:

  • Abandoned Mines
  • Ancient Libraries
  • Remote Villages

There are two types of Special Tiles on the Conquest Map:

  • Resource-generating Tiles (Abandoned Mines, Ancient Libraries, Remote Villages)
  • Tiles that grant Conquest Score (Windmills, Shrines and more)

What do Special Tiles do?

Once you have claimed resource-generating tiles, they generate stones, wisdom and troops over time. Tapping them once full collects the resource for your alliance.

Tiles that grant conquest score give you an important edge in score that you will need to win the conquest.

Why are Special Tiles so important?

In addition to generating valuable resources for your Alliance, Special Tiles award much more Conquest Score than all other Terrain tiles.

Special Tiles are incredibly important as they can potentially be the deciding factor in how well your Alliance performs in a Conquest.


How can I initiate a War against an opposing Alliance?

Anyone in an Alliance can declare a War by moving onto the same map tile as a Watchtower or a hostile Hero.

Once you are participating in a War, you are not able to move your Hero anywhere else on the map until the War is over.

After moving your hero to initiate or participate in a war, you can still immediately fight in that war as long as you have enough Energy to attack.

How many Wars can there be at a time?

Multiple Wars can take place at the same time. The amount of Wars taking place on a Conquest Map is only limited by the number of players and their decisions.

How many people can fight in those Wars?

Potentially, all players in the two fighting Alliances can join the War. Other Alliance members can join a running War at any time by moving on the same map tile. They are then able to fight in this running War and possibly turn the tide.

Members of a third Alliance cannot participate in a War between two other Alliances.

When can Wars be declared?

Starting new Wars is restricted when the Conquest Event is close to ending. Otherwise Wars can be declared at any time throughout the Conquest.

Do I need Food to attack in these Conquest Wars?

No. Energy is required to attack others in these Wars.

Why do Energy costs for attacks vary?

When attacking a player during a war, the Energy cost for attacks depends on the difference in strength between attacker and defender. This difference in strength is directly related to attack and defense modifiers.

What are attack and defense modifiers?

These are values that can turn a War in your favor because they directly translate into Energy costs for attacks in Wars and influence the amount of Skulls needed to achieve a Supreme Victory.

Attack modifiers are influenced by:

  • The Terrain you are fighting on
  • The amount of Heroes standing on the same tile
  • The amount of Troops assigned to you and other Heroes
  • Specific Technologies

Defense modifiers are influenced by:

  • The Watchtower level and assigned Troops
  • The Terrain you are fighting on
  • The amount of Heroes standing on the same tile
  • The number of Troops assigned to you and other Heroes
  • Specific Technologies

Where can I see attack and defense modifiers?

Every map tile has an info section where these values are displayed. The same is true for Watchtowers and the Supreme Victory screen.

What is a Supreme Victory?

Wars on the Conquest Map introduce a new feature: Supreme Victory.

A Supreme Victory can be achieved by an Alliance in a running War by having a lot more Skulls than the other Alliance.

When a Supreme Victory is achieved, it instantly ends a running War regardless of the remaining time.

The amount of Skulls needed to achieve a Supreme Victory is determined by the difference in  attack and defense modifiers.

The amount of Skulls needed to achieve a Supreme Victory decreases during a War. This makes it easier to achieve a Supreme Victory a couple of hours after the War has started.

Detailed information about this can be found in the Supreme Victory screen, which can be accessed by tapping the crossed swords on a tile where a War is taking place.

Does the Skull Boost Perk work with Supreme Victories?

Yes it does. The more Skulls your Alliance earns the better are your chances to beat your opponent with a Supreme Victory. Even if no Supreme Victory is achieved, Skull Boost gear will help you to win, just like in a normal War Season.

How do Troops work?

Alliance Leaders and Generals can assign Troops to Watchtowers and to Heroes.

These Troops do not appear in the actual battle or influence it in any way.  

Here is how it works:

Assigning Troops to a Hero improve attack and defense modifiers in a War.

Assigning Troops to a Watchtower improves its defense modifier.

Again, attack and defense modifiers directly translate into the amount of Energy it takes to attack someone in a war and also the amount of Skulls it takes to achieve a Supreme Victory.

In every war that takes place on the Conquest Map, the Alliance that has more Troops assigned to participating Heroes and Watchtowers has an advantage in that war.

This means Troops are an essential tool to swing Wars in your favor.

Where and when can Troops be assigned to Heroes and Watchtowers?

  • Troops can be assigned to all Heroes while they are in the Alliance Stronghold
  • Troops can also be assigned to Watchtowers
  • Troops can only be assigned to a Watchtower when the Watchtower is not currently being upgraded
  • Troops can be transferred from a Watchtower to any Heroes that are currently standing on that Watchtower

If a Watchtower upgrade is running, Troops that were already assigned to the Watchtower can be transferred to Heroes that are on the Watchtower tile.

Remember that only Leaders and Generals can assign Troops to Heroes and Watchtowers, or from Watchtowers to Heroes.

Can Troops be assigned to Heroes and Watchtowers that are already participating in a War?

No. All Troop assignment must take place before a war starts and is locked as soon as a war is initiated.

How many Troops can I send to a Watchtower?

The amount of Troops a Watchtower can have increases when it is upgraded. Troops arrive at the Watchtower instantly but there is a cooldown before more Troops can be sent.

What happens when a War is over?

Regardless whether the War is decided by a Supreme Victory or the War ends naturally:

  • All Heroes of the defeated Alliance are immediately sent back to their Alliance Stronghold and the Troops are lost
  • If the War was fought against a Watchtower, it is destroyed and the defeated Alliance loses the Territory
  • Participating members of the winning Alliance remain on the tile but they will also lose a portion of their Troops. The amount of Troops lost depends on the difference in Skulls between the two Alliances when the War ended

Where can I find details about a running War?

Go to the Supreme Victory screen by tapping the progress bar on the top of the screen. Here you will find information about all Terrain, Watchtower and Troop modifiers for this War.

Also, at any point during a Conquest you can access the Conquest Standings Screen via the UI on the Conquest Map. Here you find an overview about your current Conquest Score, Chest rewards and most importantly Conquest Boosts.

Last words:

The Conquest in Royal Revolt II is complex and it will take you some time to fully understand it. Take your time and enjoy the experience.