🎃Wicked Warlocks and Vicious VVitches 🎃

How far have you made it into our new Demon Prince Dungeon? Our guess is a “Yig, Yog, Yug” Collector Event is just what you need right now.
Well, your wish is our command. Starting tomorrow at 17.00 UTC comes your best chance to snatch some of of those desperately needed YYY copies!

But wait there’s more…

Need some more pearls to put your newly obtained YYYs directly to use, but also feel like copping some of those sexy Halloween Costumes in the Magical Market?
We gotcha covered:
This week’s Conquest Event “Trick or Fleet” will feature an increased amount of Pearl Mines and Magical Fonts to help you achieve your (fashion) goals.

Enjoy the treats!
Your Royally Revolting 2 – Team