Greetings Kings & Queen

We’re turning 6 today!

That’s 6 years of defense raiding, path improving, dungeon digging, granny shopping, war-skull hunting, ninja slashing, item melting, pearl upgrading, insta-trooping, pal feeding, beast unleashing, conquest scouting, guardian calling, rune collecting and chickens.

6 years for what started out as a rather simple sequel to a cute little game called “Royal Revolt!”. Without our community, the game wouldn’t be what it is today so as a token of our gratitude we would like to thank you all in a couple of ways:

  • Extended “Bangin’ Birthday Binge” which includes fan-favorite boosts from multiple events
  • Exclusive Gem Sale to help boost your Kingdom
  • Limited time events like Blacksmith Meltdown, Alliance Party, Boost Castle, etc. will be held twice a week until the release of our big Version 6.0
  • Permanently increased quality of all Runes coming from Rune Production Slots and the Daily Rune Chests, resulting in better Runes and faster progress for everyone – coming with Version 6.0.
  • Lastly, we are happy to give you a first preview of our upcoming attraction – Seasons!

Version 6.0 – Seasons!

For 2020, we have an ambitious vision for reworking core parts of the game. Seasons are the foundational layer of how we intend to breathe new life and variety into the game. For those of you not familiar with the concept of Seasons, here is a short rundown of how they will be affecting Royal Revolt 2:

  • On the first Thursday of every month, a new Season will begin
  • Each Season comes with its own distinct theme changing both the visuals and the meta game with specific Towers and Units receiving buffs
  • Rewards are unlocked as you fulfill Season specific Quests and Achievements
  • Lots of amazing rewards can be earned as you progress in the Season, which will be a combination of existing and exclusive new content tailored to the theme

How this ties into War Seasons

Early last year, we announced that we would overhaul the War Seasons in 2019. However, as you know, we ended up delaying this until 2020. The risk that comes with announcing big changes like this well in advance is that there’s always a chance that our plans change due to unforeseen reasons. We know how important War Seasons are to you (our players) and that we’ve received a lot of constructive feedback as to how it can be improved, but we wanted to ensure that we get it right. That being said, we are happy to announce that the shake-up you have all been waiting for is almost here. With the introduction of Seasons, we will have taken the first and biggest step needed for the rework of War Seasons. There will be more to come in the time after Seasons are introduced. The wait is almost over.

The Future of Pro-Leagues

Another big change lies ahead with the dawn of Seasons: Pro-Leagues will be put on hiatus. For over 2 years you have been working your butts off in the hardest mode RR2 has had to offer. This decision wasn’t the easiest to make, but with all the new features and additions we have planned for 2020, the continuation of the Pro-Leagues was no longer compatible with our vision. Certain elements might make a return in another shape or form at a later point in time, but the Pro-League as you know it will be discontinued after the 17th of March 2020.

A lot of questions naturally arise with the removal of Pro Leagues, which is why we’ve compiled an FAQ:

  • What will happen to my Pro-Tickets?
    • On 11th of March, Pro-Tickets will be removed as rewards from Pro-Chests and every player will receive a final free Pro-Ticket to participate in the last ever Pro-League (taking place on 13th of March). Pro-Tickets you have purchased for Gems will be reimbursed. Free Tickets and Tickets that have been donated to you will not be reimbursed.
  • What will happen to my Pro-Crystals?
    • On 30th of March, Pro-Crystals will be removed from all Pro-Chests and replaced with different rewards. Additionally, all unspent Pro-Crystals will automatically be converted to Gems.
  • What will happen to the Pro-Shop?
    • The Pro-Shop will be closed on the 30th of March.
  • How will I be able to get Pro-Chests, Pro-Items, Pro-Pals, and the Pro-Environment now?
    • There will still be plenty of ways to get your hands on Pro-Items, -Pals and Chests, as we continue to offer them as rewards from Events, Season or in Bundles. The Pro-Environment will from now on be available in the Environment Shop.
  • What will happen to the Pro-Bonus?
    • Since both Pro-Items and Pro-Pals will still be a part of the game, so will the Pro-Bonus. Nothing will change here.
  • What will happen to our Pro-Boosts?
    • Once your remaining Pro Boosts have expired, you can reactivate them for Alliance Gold. The level of your Pro Boosts is now tied to your Alliance Level.
  • What will happen to my Pro-Crown icon next to my player name in the Leaderboards?
    • With Seasons hitting the scene, this space will now be reserved for all-new season-related icons.
  • What will happen to my Pro-Subscription?
    • Subscriptions (incl. the Pro-Subscription) will be undergoing a rework and therefore be deactivated for an indefinite period of time with the release of Version 6.0. Your current monthly Subscription will continue normally before it expires on its next renewal date. We will notify you about the return of Subscriptions in due time.

In closing, we would like to once again thank you for your constant support. Without this community, Royal Revolt 2 would not have made it this far and we as a team are really proud to see that even after 6 years the game and its community is still going strong!

Thanks for raiding,

Your Royal Revolt 2 -Team