Hello Kings and Queens,

Version 6.4.0 has finally arrived in stores! Last week we already announced what you can expect from our new feature “The Collection”, but in case you’ve missed it, you can read all about it here and also watch the “Royal Revolt 2: The Collection Tutorial”

But that’s not all! The following changes are also part of the deal:

  • Two new Tokens have been added to the game. “XP Token II” and “Upgrade Time Token II”, both offering a higher value of their established bonuses
  • Increased duration of the regular XP Tokens: 2 Hours (was 1 Hour)
  • Increased value of XP rewards from Hidden Treasures and Chests
  • Fire Resistance perk from Hero Items now mitigates fire damage dealt by:
    • War Boosted Pyromancers, “Dracomancer”
    • Dragons from War Boosted Pyromancers, “Dracomancer”
    • Elite Boosted Knights, “Blazing Knight”
    • Firebolt Towers Level9+
  • Ice Resistance perk from Hero Items now mitigates Ice damage dealt by:
    • Elite Boosted Spikes “Frost Trap”
    • War Boosted Arblasters “Frenzy Frost Blaster”
    • Aska Defense Beast Ice Attack (part of the random attacks)
    • Fritz Defense Beast Ice Ability (Snowball transformation)
  • Poison Resistance perk from Hero Items now mitigates Poison damage dealt by:
    • Defense Poison Ninjas
    • Elite Boosted Arrow Towers “Poison Arrow Tower”
  • Piercing Resistance perk from Hero Items now mitigates Piercing damage dealt by:
    • Owl Archimedes Defense Beast Piercing auto attack and ability
  • Blunt Resistance perk from Hero Items now mitigates Blunt damage dealt by:
    • Elite Boosted Archers “Power Archer”
    • Skull Bomb Towers
    • Bomb Towers
    • “Barricade: Volatility” Rune explosion effect
    • “Skull Tower: Megabomb” Rune big bomb
    • “Firebolt Tower: Suppression” Missiles
    • “Bomb Tower: Payload” Intimidate Bombs
    • Elite Boosted Bombtowers “Range Bomber”
    • Defense Ogres
    • Defense Vikings
    • Defense Gargoyle
    • Elite Boosted Ogres “Stunning Ogre”
    • Defense Panda Beast Tammy auto attack (Hammerstrike)
    • Defense Cat Beast Kaiser auto attack and spell (Sonicblast)
  • Bugfixes & Polishing:
    • Fixed a bug that temporarily deducted Gems after watching a Video in the Chamber of Fortune
    • Fixed a wrong Chest content description (Unique Uber Items) in the Daily Calendar
    • Fixed the issue of the “Beast approaching” message hiding the Hero HP in battle

We hope you’ll enjoy hunting the missing pieces for your Collections as much as we do!

Stay tuned for more surprises throughout the month of December!
Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team