Greetings Kings and Queens,

the brand new Version 8.1 is out, bringing you a few smaller improvements while we prepare for bigger things down the road!

Here’s what’s new:

📛 Additional Name Change 📛

It is now finally possible to purchase additional name changes if you have used up your one free name change already. This can be done once a month.

💎 Custom “Gem Spend” Warning 💎

It is now possible to set the gem threshold that triggers a “Do you really want to spend Gems?” warning manually. Head to the options menu to find it.

🪞 Mirror World Battle Limit 🪞

To spice up the Mirror World a bit, we are introducing a battle limit for each Mirror World stage. Make it count!

🪞 Expanded Collections 🪞

 A massive update to Collections, with many new levels added to existing ones and a few entirely new Collections as well!

The new expanded collections will only be available after the force update next week. Keep an eye on our official communication.

Item Collections: new Levels

  • Tourney Set
  • Reaper Set
  • Golden Set
  • Dominion Set
  • Dungeon Set (2 steps)
  • Pal Power Set
  • Headless Horseman Set (Uber & Pro)
  • Hammerstrike Set
  • Firestorm Set
  • Sonic Blast Set
  • Heal Set
  • Necromancer Set (Uber & Pro)
  • Baseball Set (Uber)
  • Odball Set II
  • Vampire Set (Uber & Pro)
  • Yeti Set (Uber)
  • Omega Set
  • Ares Set
  • Chloris Set
  • Zelos Set
  • Horko Set

New Spellpower Collections:

  • Black Magic

Unit Rune Collections:

  • buff: added +2000 power to all last steps

Spell Rune Collections:

  • buff: added +2000 power to all last steps

New Pal Collections:

  • Phoebe
  • Janus
  • Ceres

Pal Collections: new Levels

  • Nidhogg
  • Aska
  • Eris

New Misc Collections:

  • Gargoyle instatroop token

🪨 New Runes 🪨

Version 8.1 contains several brand-new Runes, to be released over the upcoming seasons.

🐞 Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused disconnects during Conquests when donating resources with Gems
  • Fixed a crash related to Stronghold Building upgrades
  • Fixed a scrolling issue when combining Runes
  • Fixed several broken shortcuts for Quests
  • Fixed an issue on Android where storing Obstacles triggered a share image to appear
  • Other minor bugfixes

Version 8.1.0 is now available for download. Keep in mind that depending on your platform it can take some time for the Update to appear.

Thank you for your support, see you in the next Mirror World!
Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team