Dear Kings and Queens,

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the participants of the “Tower Skin Drawing Contest”. Your incredible talent and unwavering dedication to the competition have left us truly awestruck. We received a multitude of submissions that were brimming with imagination and overflowing with artistic flair.

Choosing the winners was no easy feat, and after much deliberation, we are delighted to announce the ten lucky individuals who have emerged victorious:

🏆 First Place: Mihaelgrgic405

Your Tower Skin will be implemented in-game in a future update, and you will also receive 5000 Gems and a physical gifts Goodie Bag!

Lightning tower in Nature edition, wood entwined with vines and leaves, crystal is charged with lightning lava beneath.

🏆  Second Place: HelaTheDivine

You will receive 4000 Gems from us and the physical gifts Goodie Bag!

🏆 Third Place: Danny Kuiper

You will receive 3000 Gems from us and the physical gifts Goodie Bag!

Honourable mentions, which will all receive the physical gifts Goodie Bag:

👑 Sandeep KR Gupta

👑 Shedya Malinin

👑 Rossana Elena Gambina

👑 Tristan Fabre

👑 Dels Dels

👑 Marvinwenk

👑 Everton

We kindly ask the winners to submit a ticket to our Customer Support team to be compensated as soon as possible.

Thank you again to everyone who participated; you have truly made this contest one for the books!

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team.