Dear Kings and Queens,

no warning shots fired when the Arblasters are called in!
๐Ÿ‚ โ€Season 22: Shambolic Shootout” is starting tomorrow at 13.00 UTC, with 40 levels and 9 achievements! ๐Ÿ‚


  •     Swordrain: +1 Level
  •     Arblaster: +1 Level
  •     Firebolt Tower: +1 Level
  •     Haunted Forest environment active for all battles on the default environment
  •     Exclusive Arblaster skin active for all players

New Swordrain Rune: Divine Daggers

The hero is healed for every target hit by Swordrain.
Unique Tier 6 effect: after using Swordrain, cascades of additional, weaker swords rain down.

New Collections & Magical Market:

  •     New Spellpower Set X Pro Collection (Swordrain) awarding a total of 5000 Swordrain Spellpower    
  •     Plenty of new Seasonal offers for the upcoming Season, including a new Dual Profile Color (bright green / black), an exclusive skin for the Arblaster, several Spellpower Items, Tier 4 & 5 Runes & more

Rewards include:

  •     Several Magic Potion Chests
  •     Pals & Guardians: Phoebe, Janus, G-5000 and more
  •     Runes: entirely new Swordrain runes & various unit, obstacle, spell & item runes
  •     Instatroop-Tokens for Archer & Arblaster
  •     Items: entire Apollon Set (Pro), 6 parts of the Omega Set (Pro), Dominion of Frost, Giants & Wisdom (uber), Simon’s Crown (both uber & Pro), Vlad’s Talisman (uber), Pro Item Chests (ranging from 1x to 3x Items), chance to find the Swordrain Spellpower items in the Endless Reward Area
  •     Colors & Patterns: new Shootout Pattern (Level 20), new yellow/green Dual Color (Level 20), Cross Pattern (Level 150), new yellow/brown Dual Color (Level 200), bonus inverted brown/yellow Dual Color (Level ????)

Get your Season Pass today to snatch all of them! ๐ŸŽŸ๏ธ