Dear Kings and Queens,

Today, we invite you to take an exclusive voyage behind the shimmering veil of creativity and witness the magic that brought our beloved kingdom to life. 

Let’s raise a toast to the artists and visionaries who breathe life into Royal Revolt 2! 

Behold, for we unveil four Design Mockups—precursors to the majestic wonders you now behold!

Alliance Crafting

Before the halls of alliance crafting echoed with the clang of hammers, there existed but a humble vision…

Mirror World

Our designers have been toiling away in the mystical forges of creativity to bring forth the Mirror World…


Presenting an exclusive peek behind the curtain – a glimpse into how we pictured the Seasons will look like…

Granny’s Shop

For behind every in-game item lies the labor of creativity and the spark of innovation, Granny’s Shop was once just a sketch…

Now, we’d love to hear from you: Which Design Mockup is your favorite? 

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team.