Greetings  Kings &  Queens,

As previously stated in our Pro-League removal announcement, players who have unused Pro-Crystals will see them converted into Gems on March 30th, 2020 as currently planned. The conversion rate will be as follows:

1 Crystal = 0.025 Gem 

  • Everybody with between 1 and less than 40 crystals will receive 1 gem (rounded up)
  • There is no gem cap and no ratio scaling
  • A few examples:
    • 1000 crystals = 25 gems
    • 50000 crystals = 1250 gems
    • 150000 crystals = 3750 gems (enough for one Nemesis)

You can expect to see shop offers, including Nemesis, in the upcoming weeks that correlate with the above ratio.

All the best,

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team