Hello Kings and Queens,

with today’s Live Server Update we are asking all our players to install our latest Version 6.3.0. Besides that we also introduced the following changes:

Brand new Mummy Elite Boost: “Plague Mummy”

  • Mummies have increased health and deal more poison damage over time
  • Percentage based HP increase over 3 Boost levels
  • +20% to +40% increased HP
  • Percentage based Poison Damage over time increase
  • +20% to +60% increased Poison DoT unlocks at Alliance level 31, 48, 64

Blunt / Piercing Resistance Changes

  • New: Blunt Resistance is now available on Hero Items that can roll Resistances
  • Blunt Resistance perks from forged Mummies, Frost Towers, Gargoyle Towers, Snake Towers, Barricades and Blockades now properly mitigate the Blunt damage dealt by the Earthquake Spell and G-5000 abilities
  • The Piercing Resistance perk from forged Frosters now properly mitigates the Piercing damage dealt by the Advisor and Yig, Yog & Yug`s sacrifice ability

Video Ad Cooldown

  • The cooldown for Video Ads in the Daily Rewards Calendar is back at 2 Hours.

Have a nice day,

Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team