Hello Kings and Queens,

With today’s Live Server Update we addressed the following topics:

🛠️ Regular Server Maintenance
⚔️  Prepared Warp Rift Mummy Boost (available at the end of the current War Season)

Mummy: “Warp Rift Mummy”

  • Available on all War Tiers.
  • Upgraded to 6 Boost levels.
  • Mummies cast a Timewarp effect when they die.
  • Added Time Warp duration scaling over Boost levels: from 1 sec to 2.25 sec Time Warp duration.
  • Added Time Warp duration stat to Boost stat card.
  • Note that this boost only works in the offense when players are attacking.
  • The slow strength of the Mummy Boost is similar to Time Warp Scroll but the duration is shorter.
  • The duration does not stack.

Thank you very much and have a nice day,

Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team