Hello everybody,

busy week for RR2, right? With today’s Live Server Update, we’re addressing the following issues:

– Fixed a bug that caused the 1st Level of the Pro-Firebolt Tower Boost (“Mass Hysteria”) to feature an unrealistic amount of HP
– Fixed a bug that scaled down some values of the Pro-Archer Boost (“Ascension Archer”)
– Fixed a bug that caused returning, long-time inactive, users to get stuck in an ” Event ended” pop up loop

Also, like previously teased, the first phase of big changes has now officially hit the game:
Here’s a list of some brand-new changes, now active in Royal Revolt 2:

Improved Stat Display and Rebalanced Old Elite Boosts

Improved general stat display and description texts on Boost Cards across the board.

  • Many stat display and description text changes were made in order to better communicate the impact boosts have in battle.
  • Most of the Boosts were not actually re-balanced, but some of them were changed to improve performance and transparency.

Power Archer Elite Boost

  • Removed attack rate decrease. Archers now keep their base attack rate of 1.0 when the boost is active. The old Boost version increased the damage immensely but decreased the archer’s attack rate as a tradeoff.
  • Additional Blunt Damage now properly scales from the Archers base damage.
  • Adjusted the Blunt Damage increase values over all boost levels to provide similar damage per second values than before.

Holy Paladin Elite Boost

  • Heal over time (self-heal) calculation is now based on boosted Paladin HP instead of un-boosted Paladin HP.
  • Adjusted Heal over time values. They are reduced due to the increased HP pool they are based on now but the self-heal over time is overall slightly stronger than before.
  • Holy Paladins have the same resistances and weaknesses as normal/unboosted Paladins now.

Stunning Ogre Elite Boost

  • Removed Stun percentage based stat. It is now displaying the stun duration in seconds.
  • Defense Stunning Ogres now have the same stun radius and stun duration than offense Stunning Ogres. Defense Stunning Ogre stun radius is slightly less than before and stun duration is slightly more than before. These changes are very small and barely measurable.

Raging Wolf Elite Boost

  • The boost effect itself remains unchanged but Battlecry stats display was improved:
  • The first Battlecry stat implies the Battlecry strength overall and directly translates into the percentage based damage reduction that is provided to nearby allies.
  • Also added Attack Rate and Movement Speed multipliers that are provided to nearby allies, as well as Battlecry Range and Duration stats. This will be added for all Battlecry effects.

Mad Monk Elite Boost

  • Removed damage increase and attack rate increase that the old boost version offered. (There will be other boosts scaling those stats soon)
  • Instead the boost is focused on the Monk’s toughness and healing now:
  • Added percentage based  HP increase
  • Added percentage based Heal Rate increase
  • Fixed Heal over time amount calculation (Heal strength) for Monk level 7 which results in slightly stronger heal on that level.

Witch Doctor Elite Boost

  • Added +X Skeleton stat and Skeleton amount is now correctly scaled from the base amount of Skeletons spawned by the Necromancer.
  • Results in +1 Skeleton for max level Necromancers on both boost levels in offense and defense

Range Bomber Elite Boost

  • Percentage based range increase calculation is now based on actual tower range.
  • Adjusted ranges accordingly. They are not perfectly even anymore but remain virtually the same.

Have a nice one,
Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team