Hello Kings and Queens,

with today’s Live Server Update we introduced the following changes:

🗺️ Conquest Compensation – Part1

  • The first part of the compensation (1x Compensation Chest and 3x Pro Chests for each participant) has been paid out. Part 2 (the Reward Boost for the rank ABOVE the achieved rank) will be paid out at the Event’s end.

👜 New Ressource Collection

  • A new Ressource Collection (Pal Food) has been added to the “Misc” Section of your Collection

💖 Valentine Season Achievement Fix

  • Fixed a bug that showed 2 wrong icons in the Season Achievements:
    • Achievement “Heal Units for x Life” -> Fixed icon: from Obstacle icon to Heal icon
    • Achievement “Destroy x Heal Towers” -> Fixed icon: from Basilisk Tower to Heal Tower

Thank you,
Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team