The final old War Season

The new War Seasons are drawing close! The upcoming War Season will be the final one using the old rules. Everything will behave normally – Alliances gain Fiefdoms, Reward Boosts, and Personal Rewards. Reward Boosts can be prolonged for 1 month until the first new War Season has ended. 

The first new War Season

When the first War Season using the new War Season rules starts on 08/14, all Alliances that can participate are grouped into War Tiers based on the final total amount of Fiefdoms they had after the last old War Season ended.

After this War Season, War Score is used to determine which Alliances rise and fall through War Tiers for all following War Seasons.

What are War Tiers?

War Tiers are the new matchmaking tiers used for War Seasons. They behave much like in Conquest – the top and bottom Alliances move up or down a tier, determined by their War Score.

What happens to Fiefdoms?

Once the new War Season rules are in place, Fiefdoms are not accumulated over time anymore. Instead they reset with every War Season. Alliances always start with 3 Fiefdoms on their War Map. They are now only used to determine which Alliance wins the War Season, and how much War Score is awarded in the end.

Tax Bonus, War Boost Levels & the unlocking of new Alliance Sigils is now all tied to the Alliance’s War Tier.

What Rewards are available?

War Boosts & Royal Brew

For the new War Seasons, all Special & War Boosts have been rebalanced and added to the same pool. Pools rotate with every War Season, and Alliances are free to activate the ones they like from the list of available Boosts.

Royal Brew is a new type of currency that is awarded at the end of a War Season. This currency can be spent to activate War Boosts. Higher War Tiers & better placements yield more Royal Brew. Prolonging War Boosts still costs Alliance Gold.

Personal Rewards

Personal Rewards are still unlocked by collecting Skulls. The quality of Personal Rewards is not tied to an Alliance’s fiefdoms anymore. Instead, they now get better the higher an Alliance’s War Tier is.

Additional Reward Chest

An additional reward chest is given out to each Alliance member for getting a high placement in the War Season.

Full FAQ for the new War Season

Once the new game version has been released in early August, expect a full FAQ explaining everything, from War Score to Royal Brew.