What is the Pennant Tower?

The Pennant Tower is a unique tower in Royal Revolt 2 that buffs other adjacent towers and obstacles instead of dealing direct damage. With its special abilities, the Pennant Tower can play a crucial role in defending your base against enemy attacks. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Pennant Tower and how to make the most of its abilities.

How do I unlock the Pennant Tower?

  1. Join an Alliance: To build the Pennant Tower, you must be part of an alliance. Ensure that your alliance has reached the required level to unlock the tower.
  2. Unlock the Blueprint: The next step is to acquire the Blueprint for the Pennant Tower at the Inventor’s Workshop. 
  3. Construct the Pennant Tower: Once you have the Blueprint, you can construct the Pennant Tower in your defense. Remember that you can only have one Pennant Tower.

How do I utilize the Pennant Tower?

  1. Boosted Tiles: The Pennant Tower strengthens a certain number of tiles, which can be increased through upgrades. These tiles determine which towers or obstacles will be boosted. Only towers and obstacles located on such tiles benefit from these boosts.
  2. Placement: Position the Pennant Tower strategically to influence as many towers and obstacles in its vicinity as possible. This tower can be rotated to change the position of the Boosted Tiles. Thoughtful placement can make the difference.
  3. Upgrade: The Pennant Tower can be upgraded to increase the number of tiles affected and thus the buffed towers and obstacles. Like every other tower, the Pennant Tower can be Pearl Upgraded. However, runes will not be available for it.

What are the abilities of the Pennant Tower?

  1. Static Buff: The Static Buff of the Pennant Tower is a passive, permanent ability that boosts towers and obstacles placed on boosted tiles with additional HP, damage, healing, and attack rate. The only requirement is to have a Pennant Tower placed in the defense and be part of an alliance.
  2. Activatable Boost: The Pennant Tower Boosts are powerful, activatable enhancements for specific towers and obstacles. These boosts function similarly to familiar Boosts and have a duration that determines how long the boost remains active.

To activate the Pennant Tower Boosts, two steps are required. The first step is for the Leader or a General in the Alliance to enable the desired Pennant Tower Boosts using Alliance Gold. Once they are enabled, any Alliance Member who owns a Pennant Tower can activate the boosts individually by using specific currencies in the Pennant Tower Boost Menu.

With the release of the tower, there are currently two Pennant Tower Boosts available. More will be added in the future.

The first boosts apply to the Arrow Tower and to the Barricade:

Explosive Arrow Tower

  • Affected Arrow Towers shoot explosive arrows that deal fire damage to the surrounding area upon impact.

Recovering Barricade

  • Affected Barricades gain a shield that regenerates over time if the Barricade is not destroyed quickly enough.

The Pennant Tower is a unique addition to your defense in Royal Revolt 2. With its buffs and activatable boosts, it can bolster your base and repel enemy attacks effectively. Use it wisely, coordinate with your alliance, and continually improve it to make the most of this special tower. Good luck in your battles!

Short Description:

  • The Pennant Tower in Royal Revolt 2 boosts nearby towers and obstacles instead of dealing direct damage.
  • To unlock it, join an alliance, reach the required level, and acquire the Blueprint from the Inventor’s Workshop.
  • Place the tower strategically to boost nearby defenses.
  • It has a static buff for passive boosts and activatable boosts for specific towers and obstacles.
  • Upgrades increase its influence on more towers and obstacles.