Dear Kings and Queens,

With today’s Live Server Update, we are asking all our players to install Version 9.2.1!

  • Regular Server Maintenance
  • Activated Pennant Tower blueprint and Boosts, read our dedicated FAQ here!
  • Pal Flute Rune: 
    • Reduced the duration of the Level 6 effect on all levels
  • Bombs of Skull Tower now deal damage when thrown back
  • Bombs of “Range Bomber” Tower Boost now deal damage when thrown back
  • Alliance Crafting: 
    • Doubled the amount of the daily donation limit for all Alliance Crafts
    • Activated new Pal Awaken Tickets: Eldrak, Aki and Bucky
  • Granny: 
    • More unique items are available for purchase
  • Known issues:
    • Ranges of some towers are not displayed in the Castle Scene, this is a visual bug only!