What are Runes?

Runes are a new item type that can applied to Hero Items, Units, Spells and Obstacles. Most Runes improve existing stats, but the valuable ones add new and unique effects that will give you an extra edge in both offense and defense.

How do I obtain Runes?

Once you reach Throne Room level 6, runes will start appearing in regular battles.

After you have found your first rune, the Blacksmith will start producing runes for you, which you can collect once a day. The Blacksmith will also offer rune chests for purchase, which refresh every day.


Where can I find my Runes?

Once you have your first Rune, you can access the Rune Inventory from the Throne Room.

The Rune Inventory only show the runes that can be applied to the category you selected. Please note that all runes that are not unique (not marked with a golden text) are shared between categories.


How do I use a Rune?

You can use your Rune directly from the target’s Pearl Upgrading screen.


What happens when I apply a Rune ?

Once you apply the Rune, a random number is chosen from the Rune’s roll range (displayed in green). The Rune’s range is determined by the Rune level.


How do I increase the effect of my Rune ?

Whenever you replace a Rune of the same type and level inside the same object, the lower end of the range will become increasingly better. This means that you can never roll lower than the last value you achieved.


How can I get higher-level Runes ?

Runes of the same type and level can be combined to upgrade them into a Rune of the next level. This improves the roll range of the Rune and even adds entirely new effects for certain unique Runes on the highest level.

The minimum roll of the new Rune level will always be better than the maximum roll of the Rune on the previous level.


A few things to keep in mind:

  • A certain amount of pearl upgrades are needed to unlock rune slots.
  • Item Runes can only be applied to items that have Uber or Pro rarity.
  • The same type of Rune can only be in an object once (eg. no 2x damage in the same unit).
  • Once a Rune has been applied, it is gone – it can not be removed from the object, but only overwritten.
  • Upgrading a rune only works with runes in your Rune Inventory, not with Runes that have already been applied.

How do Runes work that increase stats by %:

They look at the total stat value the object/item has, including pearl upgrades, before applying the % increase. If you add pearl upgrades after applying the rune, the total value will be calculated again, so the object/item will benefit from further pearl upgrades.

Some more information about Hidden Treasures in general:

  • You might wanna attack players of a similar strength to get the most out of your raids.
  • There are not endless Hidden Treasures per day…. (This only applies to Hidden Treasures from normal battles, not Rune chests).