When clumsy Marty spilled a Magic Potion, a most unexpected thing happened: the liquid gave life to the fabric below. The Carpet, no longer wanting to be trampled on, decided to fly out into the world, but this time at least under royal feet – those of the King.

The Magic Carpet’s abilities

  • The Carpet attacks with magical, ranged Scimitars that fly forward and strike enemies. Scimitars have a small chance to Translocate on hit.
  • While the Carpet is active, the Hero Scream has no cooldown and can be used in rapid succession, which is a powerful way to direct your units and keep them safe.
  • The Carpet’s ability is a Magic Shield. Everything under or even behind the Shield is protected from incoming projectiles.


For now, expect the Magic Carpet to show up in exclusive offers very soon. In the future, it will also be added to the Guardian Chest pool and be featured in Monthly Seasons.

We hope you’ll like our latest Guardian and can’t wait to try it out!

Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team