Dear Kings and Queens,

As Cupid’s arrows fly and love fills the air, we pause to celebrate not only the bonds of love that unite us in the real world but also the tales of romance that have blossomed within the realm of Royal Revolt 2.

While reading your Testimonials, we couldn’t help but be touched by these ones:

“I downloaded this game so much for with my wife so many years ago.
Today we still play together and are happy.
Thanks RR2″ – Da e fe

“8 years ago I started playing Royal Revolt II and created my own alliance. I typed one random letter in the search to invite the first player found to join the alliance. This person turned out to be a woman. We met and started talking. Over time, we became very close, and now we have been together and happy for 8 years. This game changed my whole life. Flaregames You are the best! We are with you forever!” – Kарасик

“Royal Revolt 2 is more than just a game for me. It is a way of connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds who share my passion for strategy and hero-controlling skills. There were times when we stayed up together for many consecutive nights to win the Conquest event. And there were war battles when we won or lost by only a few skulls. I have been playing this game for 10 years, and I have made many friends along the way. Some of them have become like family to me, and we support each other through thick and thin. We chat, we laugh, we compete, we learn, and we grow together. Royal Revolt has enriched my life in ways I never imagined. Thank you, RR2.” – Mo the Mighty II

From alliances forged on the battlefield to friendships that blossomed into something more, the stories we’ve received are a testament to the power of connection – that beats everything.

Whether you’re spending the day battling foes, forging alliances, or simply enjoying the company of loved ones, the Royal Revolt 2 Team wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!