Dear  Kings and  Queens,

” Season Two: The Dangers of Rangers ” is starting today at 13.00 UTC, this time with 40 levels and 10 achievements!


  • Archer: +1 Level
  • Arblaster: +1 Level
  • Arrow Tower: +3 Levels
  • Firebolt Tower: +1 Level
  • Additionally, Arrow Towers gain increased Attack Rate as they are leveled up. They start out at 1.0 Attack Rate on Level 1 and end up with 2.0 on Level 23
  • Exclusive Unit Skins for Archer + Arblaster

 Rewards include:

  • Ceres
  • Eris
  • Phoebe (3x)
  • Unique Runes for Archer, Arrow Tower, and Firebolt Tower
  • Items: Artificer’s Gloves, Artisan’s Cape, several Items of the “Omega” Pro-Set as well as new Pro-Versions of the Tremor Boots, Sharpshooter Wraps & Fierce Frenzy

 Get your Season Pass today to snatch all of them!

Have a nice one,

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team