Dear Kings and Queens,

Perhaps you’ve been curious: what’s the team up to lately? What’s with all these Testimonials posts? 🔍

Wonder no more! We’re just getting started with our 10-year anniversary celebration! We’re aiming for something grand this time around, so we’re eager to share your testimonials.

Additionally, we’ve curated a plethora of behind-the-scenes insights, throwbacks, and other delightful activities and surprises for you, our cherished nobles who have accompanied us on our journey.

You’ll get a glimpse of what has sustained us over the years and a peek into the Royal Revolt 2 universe beyond what you typically see.

Today, let’s kick things off with a Season Throwback: “Season One: Easter Eggstravaganza”. Do you recall this Season? How was your experience with it? ✨

🫶 Stay tuned, as we have something special coming up tomorrow. 🫶

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team.