Congratulations Kings and Queens,

you successfully survived Halloween! Now join us this month, as we dial it down a notch and celebrate a very special bond.
You’ve known them for years, they’ve known each other even longer: Two kindred spirits, both masterful at their craft and both in company of their adorable and supportive sidekicks.

🤝 ”Season Twenty: Old Friends” is starting tomorrow at 13.00 UTC, with 40 levels and 9 achievements! 🤝


  •     Sonic Blast: +1 Level
  •     Paladin: +1 Level
  •     Bomb Tower: +1 Level
  •     Northland environment active for all battles on the default environment

New Paladin Rune: Bulwark

  • On Tiers 1 – 6, Paladins spawn with a Shield based on their maximum HP.
  • On its unique Tier 6, Paladins have a chance on hit to cast a Battlecry on themselves.

New & Changed Collections:

  •     New Spellpower Set VIII Collection (Sonic Blast) awarding 2 new Pro-Versions of Eternal Wave & Seven-League Boots
  •     New Granny Set Collections (Uber & Pro)
  •     New Kaiser Collection
  •     Dragon Set Collection: New Step awarding Fire Spellpower Perk (1000)
  •     Spellpower Set I Collection: New Step awarding Hammerstrike Spellpower Perk (1500)
  •     Oddbal Set I Collection: New Step awarding 1000 Gems

Magical Market:

  •     A big batch of new Seasonal offers for the upcoming Season, including a new Dual Profile Color (Green/Black)
  •     Added the full Zelos Set (Pro)
  •     Added additional Pals
  •     Added Instatroop-Tokens
  •     Added miscellaneous Tokens, Patterns & Colors

Rewards include:

  •     Several Magic Potion Chests
  •     Pals: 1x Kaiser, 3x Phoebe, 3x Janus & more
  •     Guardians: 6x Sultan & 3x Advisor
  •     Runes: entirely new Paladin Rune Bomb Tower, Arrow Tower, Sonic Blast & more
  •     Instatroop-Tokens for Paladin, Knight & Archer
  •     Items: entire Blacksmith Set (Pro), entire Granny Set (Pro), parts of the Apollon Set (Pro), Eternal Wave (Uber), Seven-League Boots (Pro), Pro Item Chests (ranging from 1x to 3x Items), chance to find items from the Reaper Set (Pro) + Devastationary (Uber) in the Endless Reward Area
  •     Colors & Patterns: Friendship Pattern (Level 20), new Granny/Blacksmith Dual Color (Level 20), Keys Pattern (Level 150), new inverted Blacksmith/Granny Dual Color(Level 200), bonus Blacksmith/Black Color (Level ????)

Get your Season Pass today to snatch all of them! 🎟️