Dear Kings and Queens,

You could be the King, but watch the Queens conquer! Our following month is all about GIRL POWER! ✊ ♀️
So get ready for some fun and surprising celebrations, as we’re honoring the Ladies of the Royal Revolt 2 universe and beyond in more than one way.

”Season Sixteen: Enter the Queendom” is starting tomorrow at 13.00 UTC, with 40 levels and 10 achievements!


  •  Swordrain: +1 Level
  •  Stun: +1 Level
  •  Cultist: +1 Level
  •  Spike Trap: +1 Level
  •  Skull Tower: +1 Level
  •  Exclusive Skin for the Necromancer & Spike Trap active for all players
  •  Sakura Valley environment active for all battles on the default environment

New Collections:

  •  New Baseball Set Collection (Uber + Pro)
  •  New Spellpower V Collection (Shield) awarding new Pro-versions of the items
  •  New Cultist Items Collection awarding new Pro-versions of the items

Magical Market:

  • New Seasonal offers for this Season

Season Rewards include:

  • Several Magic Potion Chests 
  • Pals: 5x Irmgard, 3x Bela, 3x Ceres, 3x Phoebe & more
  • Guardians: 5x Advisor
  • Runes: Cultist Rune, Skull Tower Rune & various Item, Spell & Obstacle Runes
  • Instatroop-Tokens for Cultist, Knight & Archer
  • Items: Entirely new Boots “Shadowdancer” (Uber), Complete Baseball Set (Pro), several items from the Classic Set (Uber), Ruthaven’s Robe (Uber), Deus Ex Machina (Uber), Cultist’s Habit (Uber), Cultist Thorns (Uber), Rockbreaker (Uber), Tammy’s Comfort (Pro), Uber- & Pro Item Chests (ranging from 1x to 3x Items), chance to find Classic Ring (Uber) & Double-Speed-Perk-Shoes (Uber) in the Endless Reward Area
  • Colors & Patterns: Tiara Pattern (Level 20), Purple Queen Color (Level 20), Diamond Pattern (Level 150), alternate Purple Queen Color (Level 200), bonus alternate Purple Queen Color (Level ????)

Get your Season Pass today to snatch all of them!