Dear Kings and Queens,

Almost there! We’re approaching the 2022 finishing line with high speed and you already know our obligatory December drill: Presents, Elves, and Candy Cane.
Kicking things off is this year’s Christmas Season: 

🎄”Season 33: Six Feet Under the Mistletoe” is starting tomorrow at 13.00 UTC, with 40 levels and 10 achievements! 🎄

New Arblaster Rune: Gunslinger

Arblasters gain additional movement speed.

Unique Tier 6 effect: Arblaster projectiles ricochet to nearby targets.

New Bladestorm Rune: Tornado

Bladestorm gains a chance to Intimidate on hit.

Unique Tier 6 effect: When Bladestorm ends, another one is cast for free into the direction the player is facing. Frozen or petrified enemies are shattered while friendly units are freed.

New Snake Tower Rune: Contamination

Snake Towers fire additional long-range Poison Bomb projectiles.

Unique Tier 6 effect: Increases the amount of Poison Bombs fired and also increases their explosion range.

Season Conditions

  •     Pal Flute: +1 Level
  •     Bladestorm: +1 Level
  •     Sonic Blast: +1 Level
  •     Barricade: +1 Level
  •     Snake Tower: +1 Level
  •     Skull Tower: +1 Level
  •     Xmas environment active for all battles on the default environment
  •     Exclusive Ogre skin active for all players

Collections & Magical Market:

  •     Bad Santa Set Collection: New step
  •     Christmas Elf Set Collection: New step
  •     Bladestorm Spellpower Collection: new step
  •     Sonic Blast Spellpower Collection: new step
  •     New Rune Collections for: Cannon, Necromancer, Gargoyle, Stun, Ball Lightning, Firestorm
  •     Plenty of new Seasonal offers for the upcoming Season including the Advisor, Oddball collection items, a new Dual Profile Color (black / Xmas), the Ogre Xmas skin, Xmas skins for all pals, various Runes & more

Rewards include:

  •     Several Magic Potion Chests
  •     Pals & Guardians: Phoebe, Janus, Ceres, and more plus a chance to find various Pals & Guardians in the Endless Reward Area
  •     Runes: the new Arblaster & Snake Tower Runes, & Runes for featured Units, Obstacles, Spells & Items
  •     Various Tokens, including Ruin Removal, reduced Upgrade Time & more
  •     Items: entire Bad Santa & Christmas Elf Sets (both Pro), various items required for the expanded Collections. Pro Item Chests (1x Items) & more
  •     Colors & Patterns: new Xmas-themed Pattern (Level 20), Star Pattern (Level 150), ice / blue Dual Color (Level 20), alternate blue/ ice Dual Color (level 200), special Xmas / dark blue Dual Color (Level ????)

Get your Season Pass today to snatch all of them! 🎟️