We are thrilled to announce the launch of the brand new server for Royal Revolt 2: The New Kingdom, offering both new and veteran players a unique opportunity to dive into fresh adventures in the beloved Royal Revolt 2 universe.

A New Beginning

Whether you’re a new player looking to make your mark or a veteran looking for a new challenge, the second server is the perfect place to start. With everyone starting from scratch, it’s an ideal situation to experience the game afresh and explore different strategies.

Fresh Leaderboard: Rise to the Top!

The launch of a new server means an empty Leaderboard awaits your conquest! This is your chance to etch your name at the very top, competing against both new challengers and seasoned veterans.

Create New Bonds in New Alliances

With the new server comes the opportunity to forge new Alliances or rekindle old rivalries in fresh settings. Gather your friends, meet new players, and form powerful Alliances to dominate the battlefield. The New Kingdom is a great place to expand your social circle within Royal Revolt 2, take part in Alliance Wars, and work together to achieve common goals.

Your Progress on the Eternal Kingdom Remains

For our loyal players worried about their progress on the original server — fear not! Your progress in the Eternal Kingdom will remain intact. The two servers are separate entities, allowing you to maintain your achievements and possessions on the original server while exploring new horizons on the second. This setup ensures that your hard-earned progress is preserved, giving you the freedom to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Separate but Connected

It’s important to note that although the two servers operate independently, they share the same Royal Revolt 2 universe. This means that although your progress, Alliances and the Leaderboard standings are separate, the core gameplay, updates, and events will happen at the same time on both servers.


When does the new server launch?
Launch Date: Wednesday, 27.03.24

What is the name of the new Server?
We have named the second server “New Kingdom”. The original server is called “Eternal Kingdom”.

Is it possible to cross-play between servers?
No, both servers operate separately and are not linked to each other.

What features will be available on New Kingdom? Will there be any legacy features?
The new server will be at the same version as the original server and launches on version 10.0. All the features available on the original server will be available on the New Kingdom.

Can I play on both servers?

Yes! You can play on both servers. Simply select the server you wish to play on from the server selection. If you want to switch to the other server, there is an option to return to the server selection in the Options menu.

Do I have two separate accounts on these servers?

Yes, you can have one account on each server. Those will be seperate and not linked. Everybody will start fresh on New Kingdom. If you already have an account on the original server, this will of course remain in place.

Can I transfer my account from one server to the other server?

No, we want to keep the servers separate from each other and guarantee everyone a fresh start.

Is my progress saved on the original server?
We have ensured that the launch of the second server will have no effect on the original server. All your progress will be preserved.

Are there different events at different times on the servers?
No, all events in our game run synchronously on both servers, but only affect the respective server.

I only want to play on one server for now and don’t want to go through the server selection every time, is there a solution?
Of course there is! You can tick the box in the top right hand corner of the server selection. The next time you connect to a server, it will be saved as your default. If you want to play on the other server, you can simply go back to the server selection from the Options menu.

If there are any other questions we have not answered, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support.

We hope you are just as excited as we are! 

We will see you in the New Kingdom!

Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team