Kings and Queens,

with today’s Live Server Update we introduced some cool new Balancing changes for our upcoming War Season:

Personal Rewards:

  • Lowered skull requirements for chests for all War Tiers
  • Last chest now requires 50.000 skulls, down from 80.000
  • Added Mount Chest at 5000 skulls for all War Tiers
  • Added a Pro-League Reward Chest starting from War Tier 4
  • Added an additional Pro-League Reward Chest for War Tiers 7+8

Pearl Reward Chests:

  • Increased Pearl Reward Chest counts for all War Tiers, starting with War Tier 2

Royal Brew:

  • Raised many Royal Brew reward values for different War Tiers & Ranks
  • Added small Royal Brew amounts for Ranks 4+5 on all War Tiers

Max concurrent War Boosts:

  • War Tier 1+2 can now have 3 War Boosts, up from 2
  • War Tier 7 can now have 4 War Boosts, up from 3

Extra War Boost level for Rank 1:

  • Can now also be obtained on War Tiers 1+2

War Boost prolong costs:

  • Reduced prolong costs for all War Boosts on boost levels 1-4
  • Slightly increased War Boost prolong costs for level 5&6 Gargoyle Nest, Dracomancer, Dragofroster & Surprise Mummy to be the same as all other War Boosts (up to 2M Alliance Gold per prolong on high Alliance levels)

Thank you and have fun in tomorrow’s War Season “Cruel Cannons”!
Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team