Dear Kings and Queens,

with today’s Live Server Update, we increased some values of the “Werewolf: Pouncing Prowler” Level 6 Rune. 

  • “Werewolf: Pouncing Prowler” Level 6 Rune
    • Increased Periodic Heal from 35-45% to 35-55%
    • Increased Leap Damage from 75–125% to 100–150%
    • Increased Leap Damage Radius

Developer’s Note: The Werewolf cannot be attacked during the Leap. So there’s no need to worry if he jumps too boldly into hordes of enemies.

  • New Pal Power Set (Pro)

We added a new Pro Set version of the Pal Power Set to the game.

  •  Bela’s Thirst
  • Tammy’s Comfort (Already existed)
  • Aki’s Agility 
  • Archimedes’ Wisdom
  • Irmgard’s Force
  • Growl’s Bravery
  • Howl’s Bite 
  • Eldrak’s Flame 
  • Bucky’s Surprise
  • Regular Server Maintenance

That’s all for today,

Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team