Dear Kings and Queens,

With today’s Live Server Update, we made a few adjustments to the new Basilisk Tower Rune and the Explosive Arrow Tower Pennant Tower Boost:

  • Basilisk Tower: Stinging Pursuit:
  • Reduced the damage of each single Spike from 25% of current Basilisk Tower HP down to 8% of current Basilisk Tower HP.
  • Reduced Spike Attack Range from 6 to 5
    • Increased Spike Attack Interval from 0,5sec to 0,7sec
      • Players should have more time to dodge consecutive Spikes
        Pro Tip: Damaging the Basilisk Tower reduces the Spike damage. Stacking Movement Speed will also help dodge the Spike entirely.
  • Pennant Tower – Explosive Arrow Tower:
    • Activating this Boost now costs Pearls instead of Gems
  • Regular Server Maintenance

That’s all for today,

Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team