Hello Kings and Queens,

with today’s Live Server Update we introduced the following changes:

  • Paying out the first part of the compensation for all Alliances who were affected by the frequent disconnects at the start of this War Season. The 2nd part will be payed out at War Season end. (Note: Please be aware that the extra Royal Brew cannot exceed your Alliance’s Royal Brew Cap.)
  • “Putrid Prowler” Mortar Boost Balancing Change:
    • Reduced percentage based Range increase over Boost levels:
      • From +20% to +100% increased Range to +10% to +40% increased Range
        (For reference: the maximum range for a defense Mortar was 10 with the old Boost stats and will now be 7)
        This is now more in line with other Boosts that increase Range like “Farflame Mage” or “Sniper Cannon”.
    • Reduced percentage based Poison Damage increase over Boost levels:
      • From +20% to +90% increased Poison Damage to +10% to +40% increased Poison Damage
    • Both values are now also more tuned towards the overall step up in power that the Mortar has received with the introduction of its Rune: “Toxicity” in conjunction with the Elite Boost: “Monstrous Mortar”.

Have a nice day,

Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team