Hello Kings and Queens,

today we are asking all our players to install our latest Version 7.0. Additionally, the following things have been added/activated:

🏰 New Throne Room Level

Throne Room Level 13 unlocked:

  • +1 Level for all Castle Buildings, Units, Spells, Construction Plans, Towers and Obstacles (see full Details here)
  • Improved Daily Uber Rune Chest in Rune Production when reaching TRL13

👜 New Collections:

  •     New Easter Set Collection (Uber + Pro)
  •     New Chloris Set Collection (Pro)
  •     Cannon Instatroop-Token Collection
  •     Apollon Collection (Pro): added a new level

⚗️ New Seasonal Offers in the Magical Market:Note: the Magical Market becomes available after collection your first Magic Potions in the new game version!

  •     100 Gems
  •     Bucky Pal
  •     Bucky’s Surprise
  •     Golden Uber Chests (contain 1 item)
  •     Pro Chests (contain 1 item)
  •     Exclusive Archer skin
  •     Exclusive Cannon skin
  •     Exclusive Bomb Tower skin

Have fun with all the new Levels and in today’s Easter Season “Bucky’s Bunny Bonanza” (starting at 13.00 UTC)! 🐰
Our first brand-new Ninja Event “Meet the Caredevils” will start tomorrow at 15.00UTC 👺

Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team