Kings and Queens,

we hope you and your loved ones continue to stay safe in these crazy times. While our team is working hard on our next big Version 6.2.0 (which will be introducing long-awaited changes to the War Seasons), Version 6.1.1 right here will deliver some Polishing and Bugfixes to hold you over:

  • Fixed Android Input Issue: We hope to have finally found a fix for the annoying input that our Android users have been experiencing
  • Fixed a bug that caused the G-5000’s Self-Destruct to not function properly
  • Fixed a bug for the Level 6 effect of the “Mortar: Pestilence” Rune, that prevented the Mortar from dealing its full damage
  • Fixed a bug that caused additional Obstacle Levels to be displayed in the Inventor’s Workshop, even though they have not been applied by the next Season yet
  • Fixed a bug that already displayed the Season Badge of an upcoming, not yet started Season in Battle Loading Screens
  • Fixed a bug that caused every stat of the Trioxin Tower to be displayed green, even if the stat wasn’t affected by the boost
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Join Season Pop Up from showing up, when being online at Season start

Version 6.1.1 is available in Stores now. Keep in mind that depending on the platform, it can take some time for it to show up.

Have a nice week,
Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team