Greetings, Kings and Queens,

🐇🐇🐇Good news is on a roll 🥁🥁🥁

To celebrate the Royal Revolt 2 anniversary, our friends at Little Yeti, the dedicated Royal Revolt 2 webshop, have added new and interesting items!

Exclusive Offers in store for you:

 Gem Packages

 Uber Item Chests

 Pro Item Chests

 Pal Chests

 Guardian Chests

 Rune Chests

 Token Chests

 Season XP


Grab them while they’re still hot!

Upon completing a purchase on Little Yeti, your in-game items will be instantly and directly delivered within the game. 

Create your Little Yeti account now and link it to your “Eternal Kingdom” progress here.

Important: For now, the Royal Revolt 2 webshop is available only for your Eternal Kindom account, and for the countries within the European Union, with plans to expand soon.

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team