Kings and  Queens,

With today’s Live Server Update we asked all players onto our new Version 6.0. Furthermore, the following changes have been made live:

  • Increased Mortar HP by 10% on all levels (Attack + Defense)
  • Increased Quality of Runes in Daily Rune Chests across the board:
    • Drastically increased chance to obtain Level 2 Runes
    • Added small chance to obtain Level 3 Runes
  • From now on the Unholy Paladin Pro-Boost can be activated and prolonged using Alliance Gold (like regular Elite Boosts). The individual Levels of the Boost are now tied to the Alliance Level and unlocked as follows:
    • Level 1 at Alliance Level 12
    • Level 2 at Alliance Level 22
    • Level 3 at Alliance Level 32
    • Level 4 at Alliance Level 42

Take care,

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team