Dearest Kings and Queens,

After a gemtastic start last week we are entering the month with not one but two unlocks of the “SIX STUNNING SPECIALS“!

Like last year, all promo events (“Blacksmith Meltdown” or “Friend Collector”) will be extended by one day for the whole month of march!

Starting with the upcoming “Ravin’ Rune Ruckus” all Promo Events will
start: Wednesdays, 17:00 UTC
end: Sundays, 17:00 UTC

The third big surprise of this month rewards you with an additional mirror chest for every stage you successfully complete in the Birthday Mirror World!

Dive into the well and grab your bonus chests!

🔓 1. Anniversary Gem Sale 
🔓 2. Promo Events Extended
🔓 3. Mirror World Bonus Chest
🔒 4. ????????????? 
🔒 5. ????????????? 
🔒 6. ????????????? 

Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come!
Your Royal Revolt 2 – Team