Dear Kings and Queens,

We are getting ever closer to the 10th anniversary of Royal Revolt II. The journey of fierce battles and epic Wars will continue, with new, exciting features right around the corner! 

It is your support as loyal players that allows us to continue improving and expanding the game – thank you so much for that.

We are proud to announce that the RR2 community was nominated for the Pocket Gamer Awards in the Best Community category! 

Throughout the month of November, you have the power to make a difference by casting your vote here.

While our focus is on continuously improving Royal Revolt II, a few of us have also been tinkering on a little side project, and you will hear it first:

It is smaller in scope than Royal Revolt 2 and plays totally differently, focused on a condensed experience based around two friends opening up a shop, supporting and expanding the Royal Revolt universe through its story. 

This fresh endeavor is in its initial phase of development, with a soft launch release in select countries in the near future.

We’ll share relevant updates about this side project as soon as they are available.

We already have a lot in the works and even more planned for the 10th anniversary of RR2 and for 2024 –  it’s going to be an epic time for all of us, and we can’t wait to celebrate together with all of you!

Looking forward to the next decade(s) full of Alliance Wars, Conquests, new features and memorable events,

Your Royal Revolt Team