Huge thanks to everyone who celebrated with us the 10th Anniversary of the Royal Revolt Franchise

The lucky winners of the πŸ’Ž10Γ—10.000 GemsπŸ’Ž Raffle are:

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πŸ€Luciferr Morningstar 

πŸ€Alcione Lavicki LΓ³pes

πŸ€Andrew Nguyα»…n

πŸ€Nguyα»…n DΖ°Ζ‘ng

πŸ€Franck Noel

πŸ€Roberto Zeggi


πŸ€Alessandra Di Paolo

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πŸ€Elvith Ma’for


The winners were selected using, and the video of the extraction can be seen here.

To receive your πŸ’ŽGemsπŸ’Ž, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team and provide details of your account.