Dear Kings and Queens,

🐰 ”Season 37: The Habits of Rabbits” is starting tomorrow at 13.00 UTC, with 40 levels and 9 achievements! 🐰


  •     Knight: +1 Level
  •     Cannon: +1 Level
  •     Shield Spell: +1 Level
  •     Bomb Tower: +1 Level
  •     Skull Tower: +1 Level
  •     Easter environment active for all battles on the default environment
  •     Exclusive Knight and Bomb Tower skins active for all players

New Heal Spell Rune: Resurgence

Units at maximum HP gain a percentage of additional HP of the overhealed Heal spell amount.

Unique Tier 6 effect:  Units affected by the Heal spell have a chance to receive a Resurrection Buff, reviving the unit with a percentage of their maximum HP.

Collections & Magical Market:

  •     Plenty of new Seasonal offers for the upcoming Season, including items required to fill out various collections, a new Dual Profile Color (easter / black), exclusive skins for featured objects, Tier 4 Runes & more

Rewards include:

  •     Several Magic Potion Chests
  •     Pals: Bucky, Ceres and more plus chance to find Marty & Magic Carpet in the Endless Reward Area
  •     Runes: entirely new Heal Spell Rune & various Unit, Obstacle, Spell & Item Runes
  •     Various Tokens, including Phoenix Tokens, Reduced Upgrade Time & more
  •     Items: entire Easter Set; parts of the Chloris Set (Pro); various items to complete collections; Pro Item Chests (ranging from 1x to 3x Items) & more
  •     Colors & Patterns: new Easter Pattern (Level 20), Carrot Pattern (Level 150), new Easter Dual Color (Level 200), Mirror World Dual Color (Level ????)

Get your Season Pass today to snatch all of them! 🎟️